Belfast web design agency – 6 top tips for powerful web design

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6 top tips for powerful web design At the Belfast offices of Rapid Agency, web design is something we REALLY appreciate. Good web design means different things to every person.… Read More

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6 top tips for powerful web design

At the Belfast offices of Rapid Agency, web design is something we REALLY appreciate. Good web design means different things to every person. To us, the most important factors are listed here in our ‘6 top tips for powerful Belfast web design’ below.

Web design tip 1 – Plan

The best websites in the world all started with a plan. It’s super important that you do too. What is the purpose of your website? Are you selling a product? What type of customers will your site attract? How will they get the info they need in the shortest amount of time?

These are all questions you should ask in your planning phase that will help form your website design. Refer back to it often and keep it flexible.

Web design tip 2 – Less is more

White space is your friend. Use it wisely and human eyes will easily be able to focus onto areas you want them to. Decluttered websites tend to keep users on there for longer as it’s more relaxing and easier to get the info you need.

Web design tip 3 – Ch-ch-ch…Changes!

Much like David Bowie’s career, think of your website as a constantly evolving project. Beauty is in the eye of the mouse holder. What does this mean?

If it’s not good you’ll find out soon enough. Pay close attention to the analytics and your conversion rate. Read into these and make changes to your web design based on how people use your site.

Keep pushing to get a higher conversion rate from clicks into sales, mailing list sign ups and queries. You can do this work yourself or use the services that our Belfast web design agency is offering.

Web design tip 4 – Images speak a thousand clicks

Studies show that people remember 80% what they see and only 20% what they read (remember this for your next PowerPoint presentation).

As humans we’re drawn to images over text. They evoke emotion and we respond with clicks and time spent. Our Belfast web design agency chooses images that are similar in tone, colour and style and we are experts in running this theme through your brand consistently.

There is more information on this point here.

Web design tip 5 – Mobile in mind

A website design that responds to the device using it is an essential. Bear in mind that over half of all web traffic is mobile. You need less text and a design that supports this.

Web design tip 6 – Use of templates

We no-longer live in an age where you need to have a masters in coding to build a website from scratch. Today we can do all of this from websites such as Wix, Squarespace or Go Daddy.

The best part is that it’s really easy and the templates have already been tested for conversion metrics and usability. This means so they are a safe bet you aren’t damaging your business with a bad web design.

PC Mag have published their top website builders for 2020 which you can read about here.

Our Belfast web design agency offers highly affordable services for clients looking for an initial web presence, as well as more elaborate e-commerce designs and custom built websites.

Speak to our Belfast web design experts for ideas on how we can help you with powerful web design for your business.

Written by Rory Broughal

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7mins 10th Mar 20 James Scullion