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Welcome to our first Blog Takeover here at Rapid Marketing - we are really excited about our new series of Blog Takeovers on the importance of Social Media for Businesses,… Read More

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Blog Takeover #001 – Francesca Morelli – dip 

Welcome to our first Blog Takeover here at Rapid Marketing. We are really excited about our new series of Blog Takeovers on the importance of Social Media for Businesses, Organisations and Sole Traders! We are really excited to kick this first installment off by asking Francesca from Dip to tell us a little bit more about DIP, a new Start Up based in Belfast Fintech Hub at Danske Bank.

First off, what is dip?

Dip (Deals in Places) is a free-to-download app that notifies consumers of promotional offers based on their live hyper-location and preferences. Dip is the first pay-per-click app specifically made to advertise promotional offers.  Retailers place defensive and offensive sales promotions on the app in strategically located areas of their choosing. When a user of the app is near the selected deal, they will be notified of that voucher. When the deal is redeemed, dip takes 0% of the sale from retailers and opts for a pay-per-click (PPC) model instead, starting at just 20p per click.

How has dip utilised social media to help launch a startup company?

Since the conception of Deals in Places in 2018, much of our strategy has been centered around Social Media. This is because Deals in Places (dip) is an app still under development. We use Social Media to really kickstart the business. This has proven to be a really successful strategy for us. Having amassed over 7,000 followers between Instagram and Twitter before we’ve even launched; a following that is growing every day.

So how has social media been useful for us in developing our startup company?

Firstly, and maybe most obviously, we’ve been able to generate a bit of brand awareness. This has been all about letting people know who we are, what we do, and why they should be interested. Future stakeholders will not magically find out about your business- you need to tell them about it! Social Media has played a huge part in this. The reach you can achieve nowadays purely from Instagram and Twitter is incredible. As demonstrated by dip, it’s not necessary for your business to be in full operation to start utilising social media. You can begin by broadcasting your vision, building your brand, and spreading awareness.

Developing your brand’s personality goes hand-in-hand with this. Social Media has enabled us to communicate our brand’s personality to a large audience. This allows future stakeholders to see the nature of our business, as well as its intended purpose. Your brands personality gives an insight into the people behind the scenes. We wanted to show that at dip, we’re a young, fun, and dynamic team with a passion for our homepage city, Belfast. We hope that this has come across through our engagement on social media.

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Engagement is a key word when it comes to social media strategy. It is one of the key reasons we decided to develop a social media strategy for dip. Engaging with future stakeholders has allowed us to find out who is interested in our offering, what they’d like to see more of, and any questions they may have. This is really useful information for us considering we’re really close to launch. So at this stage, external insight and feedback is invaluable! We also find that social media has been a useful tool for networking with other businesses and potential customers.

Finally, Social Media has allowed us to build credibility through our following and interest months before we have even launched. This is really valuable for a startup. It means that business connections and potential investors have taken us seriously as a young startup company. 

dip’s Socials

All in all, it is safe to say that dip would not be where it is today without Social Media. This feels like a good time to say- give us a follow! Find us on Instagram @dip_app, Twitter @dip_app, and Facebook @DealsInPlaces. If you feel like dip is something your business might be interested in using to advertise its promotional offers, email Fran on

Keep an eye out on each platform for news of our upcoming launch; exciting times ahead!

Thanks to Fran for really laying out in depth how Social Media has played a huge role in the overall brand awareness for dip even before launching their app.

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