Blogging in Belfast: How to Build A Community Online

6min Read 18th Nov 20 James Scullion

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Welcome back to Blogging in Belfast – How to Build a Community Online. Last week we kickstarted our brand new series of blogs with a chat with the ingenious photography whizz Claire Towe from Wee Belfast. This week, we’re moving to the world of fashion and we’ve had the pleasure to speak to the mastermind behind GalsGoss, Aisling.

Aisling Gallagher is a vibrant, down to earth Belfast fashion blogger and Youtuber, with over 12 thousand followers on Instagram. She creates quirky, engaging content, constantly stays on trend, and above all, keeps it very real on social media. This lovely lady is also a rectal cancer fighter, and last week wrapped up 25 sessions of chemotherapy. She is inspiring, funky and has a clear zest for life. We are delighted to have had a chance to chat with Aisling and now we’re going to share it with you, in Blogging in Belfast – How to Build a Community Online.

The first question that we wanted to ask Aisling was, how did it all start?

“I started around 5.5 years ago when I worked in Tesco. I knew I always wanted to do something in fashion so I just took a little random leap and started my blog as a bit of a creative escape. By then I had started a new job in Topshop which helped a lot, because I got to let my creative flair flow. Back then, there weren’t many people in Northern Ireland doing fashion blogging. That made it a little easier to get invited to events to mingle and network with people who were interested in similar things. From here, I began to build my reputation and following.”

Next on our list, we asked Aisling about her favourite bloggers/influencers.

“This question is always so so hard because I follow so many amazing people, locally and internationally!

Jamie Genevieve: I’ve followed her for years and years and I still religiously watch her Youtube videos! It’s been so great to see her grow and change along the way. 

Nina Sandbech: I’m obsessed with this girl’s content! I love her style, especially the colours and prints she wears. 

Danielle Donohoe: I have met Danielle lots of times and she is such a lovely girl. Her family is so beautiful and her content makes my day. I admire how open and real she is on social media. Often this is hard to come by. 

Lastly, we asked Aisling about her top tips for creating engaging imagery for social feeds? 

A lot of the time, my shoots are unplanned and spontaneous! I think often people like to see a natural shot. The top three tips I would give for creating engaging imagery are:

  • Decide on the background that you want. It can be plain, or bold and bright. It depends on the subject of the photo. 
  • If you’re taking photos of an outfit, position yourself in the shot in a way that focuses on the main feature of the outfit, for example the bag or shoes. 
  • Keep clicking away! Have whoever is taking the photo to keep taking photos as you move around. It will give you more to look back on and decide on your favourites. 

Thank you so much to Aisling for joining us this time for Blogging in Belfast – How to Build a Community Online, we absolutely loved chatting with you. Belfast is saturated with amazing bloggers and influencers and building a community online can be a serious undertaking in terms of time and effort. But it’s possible. It’s really all about letting your personality shine through in all that you post and staying true to who you are online. The rest will fall into the place. 


6mins 18th Nov 20 James Scullion