Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2021!

min Read 11th Jan 21 James Scullion

With the chaos that was 2020 in the past it is time to get ready for what 2021 has in store for us and that includes digital marketing trends! Keep… Read More

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With the chaos that was 2020 in the past it is time to get ready for what 2021 has in store for us and that includes digital marketing trends! Keep reading for Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in 2021! 

An Increase in Influencer Marketing!

Firstly, influencer marketing has been at the forefront of digital marketing and how we market products on social media for some time now! We only see this set to continue to grow in 2021 with the current pandemic still on-going. Futhermore we are spending more time on social media engaging with influencers! 

Live Streaming 

2020 saw the soar of live streaming! Again with more time than ever spent online all our favourite entertainers be it singers, comedians and influencers all taking to live streams to perform! We’ve seen various brands use live streams this year. To launch and demonstrate their newest products while keeping us all entertained while we’re inside! Get ready to see this rise throughout the year! 

User Generated Content 

Customer experience has never been more important. Consumers crave enjoyable experiences with brands that are easy and memorable. They want proof before they buy and they want to be reassured – after all, no one wants to make the wrong decision. As a result, user-generated content ticks all the boxes when it comes to connective content:

  • It builds and strengthens communities.
  • It’s relatable and uplifting.
  • It enables brands to meet customers where they’re already hanging out.
  • It helps brands generate tons more content against a backdrop of stay-at-home orders and restrictive measures.

User Generated Content has long been an effective way for brands to forge relationships with their customers and provide social proof, and this will be a common theme in 2021 as well. 

More goodwill and purpose-driven missions from brands

Many of us are experiencing the challenge of our lives throughout the coronavirus pandemic and many brands and businesses are doing their best to support charitable organisations!

It’s impossible for consumers to connect with brands that they see as insincere. Why would they want to invest in something that they can’t trust or don’t believe in? This is why connection will be pivotal for brands that want to remain trusted sources in 2021.  

We’re no strangers to seeing brands doing good things, but there will be an even bigger emphasis on this next year.

An emphasis on sustainability. 

Sustainability will infiltrate many of the digital marketing campaigns we see this year especially from fast fashion brands!  Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a shift in brands moving towards a more sustainable future. Whether it’s through the materials they use, the packaging, their systems, or something else.

The hunt for a greener planet continues, and consumers are actively seeking out brands that are purpose-driven and conscious about the environment. As the world remains a fragile place, it will be key for brands to reiterate their sustainability in 2021. 

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mins 11th Jan 21 James Scullion