Rapid Agency’s Tips on Engaging and Connecting With Your Social Media Followers

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When you are starting up a business or dancing with the thought of starting a blog account everyone tells you to get on Social Media, use Instagram, use Facebook etc.… Read More

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When you are starting up a business or dancing with the thought of starting a blog account everyone tells you to get on Social Media, use Instagram, use Facebook etc. But how can you make sure your account is going to be effective for your business?

Here are some of Rapid Agency’s tips and tricks to help you engage and connect effectively with you Social Media followers. 

Keep it Personal

Social Media platforms have a certain benefit over traditional media as it can get your brand in front of people faster and easier than other media. Although this is a positive for your brand it is only one of the many steps you must take. 

Building a relationship with your followers will have a great impact on your brand and how it is received by others. Making your followers feel that there is a person behind the profile is your ticket to success on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc.

Some ways to make our brand more personal to your followers are:

  • Engage with followers on a daily basis
  • Reply to comments
  • Like/retweet followers posts
  • Post interactive stories and share responses 
  • Talk to your followers via story videos
  • Reply to direct messages 
  • Join in on the conversations 

Share Your Brand’s Journey & Mission

Intentionally engaging with customers is one thing, but staying connected with customers is another. Sharing your brand’s journey from the beginning is a great way to introduce your brand to the world. Setting out a strategy that introduces your brand using both posts and Instagram/Facebook stories will give your followers a good idea of what your brand is all about. 

Your brand’s mission should be clear on your social media platforms for new followers who come late to the party. Continuing to grow a good connection with your followers is essential and to do so you should:

  • Answer any questions they have about the brand
  • Do not get frustrated having to repeat yourself
  • Keep your followers updated with what your brand is up to
  • Show progress your brand has made

…. following these rules should, in turn, lead to growing conversation around your brand!

Keep Your Followers HAPPY

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Keep your followers happy! 

If your followers are happy then they will stick with you, so do what you need to brighten their day. We have covered building a good relationship with your followers – providing excellent customer service is another way to ensure your followers remain happy with your brand. As a lot of customers now expect companies to handle their requests through social media it is vital that your brand’s exceptional customer service standards transfer to your social media platforms as well. 

To ensure your customer service is up to scratch you must remember to: 

  • Maintain a strong line of communication between your social media team and your customer service team.
  • If you are posting on social media, do not forget to check your direct messages – you don’t want your customers feeling ignored!
  • Ask your followers what they would like to see from your company

…. and the classics like/retweet/comment/share/reply

If you like the sound of this but do not know where to begin, let Rapid Agency help you!

The Rapid Agency team use our expert knowledge of social media marketing in Belfast and Northern Ireland to help your social media account reach across Northern Ireland and beyond!

Contact us today if this seems like something you would like to do for your business!

mins 19th Feb 21 James Scullion