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With so many people “doing it for the gram” these days, its vital to use Instagram as a tool to grow your business, using appealing images to develop your business. … Read More

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Six Tips for Instagram Imagery

With so many people “doing it for the gram” these days, its vital to use Instagram imagery as a tool to grow your business, using appealing images to develop your business. 

Instagram is all about visual storytelling. The more appealing your photos are the better they will engage with your followers. You want to aim for your photos to really catch the eye of your target audience and will help you market your business.

Here’s a few Rapid Media top tips for creating the ultimate Instagram picture:

Consider your overall aesthetic.

Especially on Instagram where profiles in the famous “grid” are a bit like a mosaic. So, you really want your instagram imagery to fit together and compliment your brand identity. Alongside this, it must have that eye catching appeal which will entice people to click on your image and profile. 

Clean and simple

This is a super simple one but can make such a difference – make sure your camera is clean! Quickly cleaning your camera lens will ensure your pictures come out crystal clear, with less chance of your pictures being out of focus or blurry. 

Lighting is key

Having good lighting is essential for taking an Instagram worthy photo. Where you can, try to make use of natural light and avoid shadows or failing that, always take advantage of the flash.  Lighting can change a picture entirely, so manipulating lighting allows you to produce appealing images. 

Bye Instagram app!

It might be an Instagram photo, but you don’t need to take your photo on the app! Use the Camera app on your smartphone or if you have a camera. This will really impact your ability to take top quality images for Instagram. You might think your smartphone camera is quite basic, but in reality it’s a useful tool. At Rapid Marketing, we know smartphones won’t be able to rival the quality of a DSLR, but when snapping shots for Instagram your smartphone should do the trick. This is a really easy way to snap a few pictures on the go.


Focus your mind, and your camera

Focus is key. This is important when choosing a subject to focus on and having your picture in focus and not blurry. Simply tapping on your screen will focus the camera to your subject. Picking a subject is simply deciding what should be the centre of attention in your image. A top tip here is to use the grid setting on your camera, which splits the image into nine sections and can help you create more balanced images.
To do this on an iPhone head to Settings -> Camera -> Grid Overlay, and simply hit the toggle to activate this function.

Editing isn’t only for professionals!

Don’t be afraid to edit. Make your photos stand out with simple editing apps from the app store or online. They are usually free and you can play about with contrast, detailing, exposure and more. There are no limits to editing apps online but Snapseed, VSCO or Aviary are popular free apps that are user-friendly for instagram imagery.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about Rapid Marketing & Rapid Media’s top tips for using Instagram or other social media sites to grow your business. We’d love to hear from you!




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