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Tiktok for business – the future of social media advertising in Northern Ireland? Rapid Agency NI – Social Media Tips   TikTok Introduction   TikTok took the world by storm… Read More

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Tiktok for business – the future of social media advertising in Northern Ireland?

Rapid Agency NI – Social Media Tips


TikTok Introduction


TikTok took the world by storm in recent years and specifically over lockdown, whilst we all had more time on our hands we dusted off our dancing shoes and had a good giggle. But you might not have thought that Tiktok may actually be the perfect place to advertise your business. With more than more than 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play and more than 500 million active monthly users, it’s safe to say there is a captive audience.


Here’s how we think your business could utilise Tiktok:

Create your brand’s own Tiktok


The first step in all social media is establishing yourself in your own right. Create an account and treat it like any other social media site that needs content. Don’t stress about fancy equipment, Tiktok is more of an impromptu content creation platform. This will reveal your brand’s true personality, users will feel connected to you and relate to you, which builds trust.


Top tip: often viral Tiktoks feature pets and children. This means that you can post content that isn’t directly associated with your brand BUT for instance if your business has an office pet, include it in your content!


User-generated content is your best friend

User generated content focuses on (you guessed it) reposting the content from your followers who have featured your brand. So it may be your product featured in a tutorial or review, or maybe it’s even them showing an experience of your service. This is an incredible way to get content that can be utilised in so many ways. Perhaps for a paid ad or to repost on other channels too, as well as getting valuable exposure.

Advertise on TikTok

Like so many other social media sites, TikTok is becoming a monetised place where brands can pay to have their ads shown to users in between organic content. Be it a brand takeover or native ads or even a hashtag challenge, it’s time to get creative!  Paid advertisement can be between 9 and 15 seconds long and include buttons but these are skippable, so ensure your ad is eye-catching with great engagement!



Utilise influencers on Tiktok too!

As we move to utilising influencers on Facebook, Instagram and all channels regularly, Tiktok is absolutely no different. Influencers are harnessing the ability to gain a huge audience, somewhat automatically due to their already obvious online presence. It is completely up to you if this is gifted influencer marketing or paid but generally the more followers an influencer has, the more expensive they are to work with.



Think about the different ways you could utilise influencers on Tiktok, whether it’s a product feature, tutorial or a brand tag, the more off the cuff it seems, the better for Tiktok!


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