Top Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2021

5min Read 11th Jan 21 James Scullion

Social Media marketing is at the forefront of digital marketing as we know, understand (and love it) today! We’ve compiled our top tips for social media marketing in 2021!  Plan… Read More

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Social Media marketing is at the forefront of digital marketing as we know, understand (and love it) today! We’ve compiled our top tips for social media marketing in 2021! 

Plan plan plan 

A content calendar is key in successful social media marketing in 2021! scheduling your posts is of the utmost importance. Make this step a part of your planning. A well-organised social media calendar having every publication planned at the right time and day can help keep your users engaged with you. Additionally, with the help of a calendar, you can smartly allocate each marketing resource to their tasks and improve teamwork. 

Check out your competitors profiles!

It is so important to know what’s out there and be aware of what those in your industry are up to in terms of their social media marketing. Spying on your competitor companies’ social media pages doesn’t mean to steal their work but get some idea from them and do better from them. By identifying the posts of your top-performers, you can get help for your future content marketing. Additionally, you will also get to know the type of content your audience enjoys engaging with! 

Post on your social media stories! 

Nearly every platform has stories be it Instagram, Facebook LinkedIn and twitter! Revealing the projects you have in the works, a snapshot of the office on a random Tuesday morning or where your staff voted to grab lunch on a Friday are great ways to show your connections that you and your team are more than just a business. You’re living, breathing people who want to make real connections in your career. Behind the scenes peaks should be included in your social media marketing strategy!

You may not want to make a post about these seemingly unimportant things. That’s where your LinkedIn Stories come in. Removing that distance and making yourself more relatable is so important; it builds trust and a healthy relationship with customers. Want to get started with stories? Check out our fab blog post all about them!! 

Focus on Engagement, Not Views, and Followers

Getting a big list of followers and viewers watching your posts is not enough to efficiently promote your business. Social media marketing is all about convincing potential users to connect and get engaged with you. Make time to respond well to the comments and queries left by your audience. Please keep your eyes on the ground, know what is trending, and apply them appropriately. A small group of engaged followers is far superior to a larger group who do not actively like or comment on your content!

Create visually compelling content

You don’t need professional photography equipment, but your photos and videos need to be, well-lit, well-composed, and in focus, at a minimum.

If you’re using images other than photos, like infographics or animations, make sure they’re crisp, clear, easy-to read, and eye-catching and the design of each post is on-brand and consistent! 

Even more important, your visual content needs to be compelling. Great photos are nice, but if they don’t tell a story, or get viewers excited, they’re not going to engage followers.

Not sure what to post? Here are a few ideas:

  • Behind-the-scenes posts: Give followers a look at your office, your storefront, or your manufacturing process.
  • Quotes and text-based images: Play with text to create visually interesting content with no photos required.
  • Regrams and user generated content is by nature authentic and compelling.
  • Instructional posts: Teaching followers how to achieve a goal is about as compelling as it gets.
  • Videos content! Check out our post on instagram reels!

Make sure your copy reflects the topic of your fab posts, is snappy and makes sense delivering the message clearly and concisely!

Ready to redefine your social media strategy in 2021! At Rapid we are at the forefront of social media trends! Get in contact with us today to begin your social media journey for your business! 

5mins 11th Jan 21 James Scullion