Rebranding your company is not a decision that should be taken lightly, but it is a step worth taking.

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The process of rebranding can be daunting. After all, whether you are giving your brand a complete design overhaul or giving it the update it deserves, you need to give your rebrand the TLC to make sure it is executed successfully. Brands who have come out the other side, though, will tell you that it is a path worth taking. 

So, what is involved in rebranding?


Rebranding is the process of changing the image, perception and overall brand identity of your company or product. Within our rebranding service, our team at Rapid Agency will create a new brand strategy, visual identity, messaging and even – in extreme cases – a new name.

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What is the goal?


The goal of rebranding is ultimately to differentiate your company or product from your competitors – and from your old brand. The overarching aim of rebranding is to make your brand more relevant to your customers and the wider industry, which will increase your market share. 


Our brand strategists at Rapid Agency have the expertise to oversee the planning, conceptualisation and rollout of your rebrand, whilst ensuring the process of updating your current brand is smooth and efficient. 


The process of rebranding can be daunting. That’s why our in-house designers conceptualise your rebrand in a clear, consider format, carefully taking you through each concept curated, giving deep insights into and justifications for the decisions made. That way, you can view your new brand through the eyes of an outsider. 

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Navy billboard design showing the Wild Atlantic Way for Donegal Boardwalk Resort
A design created for Winnie's 1975 in Ballymena for their new brand identity

Knowing when the time is right


With such a daunting process comes a scary question – when is it right to rebrand? 


As an important investment, it is essential to make sure you have made the right decision before starting your rebrand journey with our in-house design team. Look out for these telltale signs that it is time to rebrand your company. 

The brand no longer reflects your company goals

Over time, companies evolve and change. For example, your product range might expand, or your your company values might alter. In these cases, it is very possible that your current branding no longer accurately represents your business. If your brand no longer reflects your company’s values, mission or offering, it might be time to consider rebranding your Belfast business. 


Your current branding is not attracting the right customers

If your business is struggling to attract the right customer demographic, it could be because your branding does not speak to the customer you want it to. In this case, a rebrand might be necessary to help repoisiton your brand to appeal to your ideal customer and differentiate your business from competitors in the industry. 


Your brand is outdated

Many companies in Northern Ireland and beyond have been operating for a long time, without giving any thought to the brand after its initial conceptualisation. If you are beginning to question your brand’s effectiveness with the modern market, it might be time to consider a brand refresh.


A modern, refreshed brand will help you stay relevant in a constantly changing and evolving environment, and it will accelerate your company growth and ensure you stay ahead of the curve for the future. 


You’re expanding into new markets

If your business is expanding into new markets – or even considering an expansion – it might be necessary to refresh your existing brand. A rebrand will assist you in appealing to new audience and allow you to better position your brand to resonate with new customers.

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Don’t ignore the initial stages of the rebranding process


Market research is an essential part of the rebranding process, but its important is often overlooked. Initial research before your rebranding project begins will help you understand a range of areas. 

Target audience research

This is an essential step in the rebranding process as it will help you create a brand identity that resonates specifically with your target audience. We will assist you in creating a brand that meets your customers’ needs and expectations, making them feel connected to your brand on a deeper level and resonates with their preferences. 


Target audience research will also help you gain insights into your customers’ perceptions of your brand, what they value most about your products or services, and what they’re looking for in a company with your offering. This information is invaluable, and will inform how your develop a new brand identity that resonated with your customers and sets you apart from your competitors. 


Researching your external market environment

Understanding the wider market landscape is essential in the rebranding process as it will help you positon your brand effectively in the external competitive marketplace. This will allow you to create a brand that is differentiated from your competitors, but also helps you to anticipate any changes or upcoming trends in the market as well as determining your brand’s value proposition in relation to your competitors. 


With these insights into your external market, you will be able to anticipate how your customers will react to your rebrand. You can test a range of branding elements, such as a new logo or updated messaging to identify how your customers will respond. With this information, you can make changes accordingly. 


The initial stages of research and analysis should not be ignored. They will help you avoid costly mistakes to ensure your brand undeniably resonates with your customers, ensuring a successful rebranding initiative that accelerates your success. 

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What to expect from your company rebrand


When you decide to undergo a rebrand, there are a number of changes and outcomes to be made.

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First and foremost, a successful rebrand will breathe new life into your company’s image and identity, giving it a refreshed look and feel that resonates with your newly-identified and updated customer base. This includes a range of aspects. 

Company Name Rebranding 

Some rebrands might include a complete company refresh – right down to the company name. Rebranding your company name is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. 


The process of refreshing your company name involves more than simply choosing a new name and updating the logo and marketing materials accordingly. Renaming requires a deep understanding of your company’s history, values, and brand identity, alongside insights into your product range – how your customers view, use and feel about your products and services. 


Once an initial decision has been made to rebrand your company name, it is important to develop a clear and consistent brand messaging strategy that communicates the reasons for the change and the benefits you hope to achieve. A comprehensive brand story will be conceptualised, including messaging framework that aligns with your company’s values and mission. 


In terms of the actual name selection, you must consider a variety of factors – availability, ease of pronunciation and memorability. The new name should also reflect your company’s brand identity and positioning, and also resonate with your target audience. 


Rebranding your Belfast business’ logo

Rebranding your company’s logo is a great way to refresh the visual identity of your brand and improve its market positioning. When you decide to rebrand your logo, it is important to consider the impact it will have on your overall brand identity and customer perception. 


A successful logo rebrand will create a modern, fresh and memorable visual appeal, whilst still reflecting the company’s core values and brand personality. This involves changing the colour scheme, typography and overall design of the logo to better align with your company’s current positioning and target audience. 


It is, however, important to maintain a sense of continuity with your previous logo to avoid confusing any existing customers or stakeholders. Overall, a successful logo rebrand will create a strong visual identity that helps your company stand out against competitors, whilst also reinforcing your underlying messaging. 


Typography Rebranding 

When rebranding, you might choose to update the typography font, sizes and styles used in your brand’s visual identity. 


Typography plays an important role in shaping a brand’s image and communicating its values and personality to customers. When considering a typography rebrand, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your current typography. You should firstly consider the legibility, flexibility and consistency of your typography. 


When developing a company rebrand, you must consider the effectiveness of your font family, sizing and style to ensure it aligns with your company’s brand positioning and target audience preferences. This rebranding process also involves developing a new set of brand guidelines and standards to ensure all marketing and branding materials are cohesive and align with your rebrand. 


By rebranding your company typography, you will create a modern and engaging visual identity for your rebrand that better reflects your brand’s values and personalty, whilst also improving the legibility and readability of your brand’s typography for customers. 


Colour & Art Direction

Colours play a significant role in shaping a brand’s image, evoking emotions and communicating its values and personality to customers. 


When rebranding your company’s colour scheme, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your current colour scheme in terms of its ability to connect with your target audience and align with your brand’s core values, tone of voice and personality. 


A colour scheme rebrand involves developing your brand’s colour palette to better reflect your positioning and values, after conducting research to understand which colours resonate with your target audience. 


Your chosen colour palette will also play a key role in influencing your brand’s art direction. This will affect your overall art direction, imagery style and visual elements used in your brand’s marketing and advertising communications. 


The chosen colour scheme and visual identity of your rebrand will greatly influence how customers perceive and interact with your brand. By updating your art direction to align with your rebrand, you will create a more cohesive and compelling visual identity that better reflects your brand positioning and differentiation. 

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Green and pink label design for high & dry designed by Rapid Agency
Green coffee cup design for Winnie's 1975 in Ballymena by Rapid Agency

Revitalise your brand and remain relevant in an ever-changing environment.


Our expertise and experience in branding will provide you with a fresh and modern look, a clear brand message, and a strategic marketing plan to reach your target audience in new ways. 


Set yourself up for long-term success and growth by investing in a rebrand today.