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Your audience will spend time exploring your business, products and services. The power of the Pixel to track and target these audiences should not be underestimated.

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What is the Facebook Pixel?


The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code software that is added to your company website, allowing you to track user behaviour and activity on your different web pages. 


Essentially, when a user visits a website that has this software installed, the pixel code tracks their activity on the site, including pages they visit, actions they take and products they view.

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How is data from the Facebook Pixel used?


The data collected is used in a range of ways.

Creating custom audiences.


By tracking user behaviour on your website, the Facebook Pixel will allow you to create custom audiences for your paid advertising activities. For example, create a refined, custom audience of people who visited a particular product page on your website but did not make a purchase. 




The Facebook Pixel provides invaluable information to retarget users who have visited their website but did not complete the desired action. For example, filling out a lead generation form. By retargeting these users with paid advertising on Facebook and Meta, we will increase the likelihood of converting them into customers. 


Lookalike audiences.


We will create lookalike ad audiences. These are groups of users who are similar to your most valuable customers with regard to paid advertising. By targeting these users, our marketing team will expand your reach and target users who are likely to be interested in your products and services. 


Paid Advertising optimisation.


The Facebook Pixel allows us to optimise your Facebook Ads based on your specific goals. This includes increased conversions or website traffic. By doing this, your ad performance will improve. Therefore, you will get more value from your ad spend. 


Conversion tracking.


With invaluable website insights, the Facebook Pixel also allows you to track conversions. These are purchases or leads that result from paid advertising on Meta. By measuring the effectiveness of these ads, we will then identify areas for improvement. With this, we make data-driven decisions. Therefore, your ads are optimised in the long term. 

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