Avoca Hotel

Everything’s changed but the name.

Situated at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, just a stone’s throw from the Irish Sea, the Avoca Hotel showcases unrivalled views of its picturesque surroundings.

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What did Rapid do?


Rapid provided full end-to-end service, assisting Avoca Hotel with its grand opening and relaunch after a £2.5 million investment and restoration to return the hotel to its former glory.  

By working closely with the owners of Avoca Hotel to understand their commercial aims and ambitions with the reopening, we designed a new contemporary website comprising a seamless, fully-functioning booking system. 

The Avoca Hotel was beautifully marketed across social media platforms, showcasing every detail of the hotel’s renovation to attract visitors from all corners of Northern Ireland – the tastemakers, explorers and adventurers. 

A navy boho chic bedroom in the Avoca Hotel, Newcastle photographed by Rapid Agency
A navy boho and vintage hotel reception area in Avoca Hotel photographed by Rapid Agency

Website Design


We designed a bespoke website for Avoca Hotel to capture the essence of the charming and historic establishment. We were committed to creating a user-friendly website that would reflect the rich hotel of Avoca, whilst also showcasing their warm hospitality and unique offering. 


Our web designers worked closely with the team at Avoca Hotel to develop a distinct look and feel for the website. It was crucial to create a strong brand identity for Avoca, ensuring the website and all marketing communications were consistent. 

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Robust Booking System


In addition to its beautiful design, the Avoca Hotel website also features a robust and user-friendly booking system. Our web design team worked closely with the team at Avoca to find a booking system that would meet their needs. The booking system was built using Net Affintiy, providing a personalised online experience for your guests. Net Affinity’s award-winning technology facilitates every area of online booking, from bedroom selection to additional activities.   


The website was them optimised across desktop and mobile devices, featuring robust functionalities which allows users to book rooms, explore local attractions and learn about Avoca’s amenities and services. We’re proud to have designed a bespoke website for Avoca Hotel that has helped them achieve their wider digital goals.

Social Media Marketing


As part of their overall marketing strategy, we managed Avoca Hotel’s social media platforms throughout the hotel relaunch. With this, we created a comprehensive social media marketing campaign that focused on generating brand awareness and increasing Avoca’s digital presence. 


Our social media experts created engaging and visually appealing content to showcase the hotel’s new interiors and nearby activities. Our expertise in creating engaging social media content helped to improve Avoca’s online following and engagement across Instagram and Facebook. 

Influencer Marketing


We also provided influencer marketing services to Avoca Hotel to assist with their overall relaunch strategy. With this, we identified over 20 of Northern Ireland’s top influencers who aligned with Avoca’s target audience and brand values. These influencers had a significant following across Instagram and TikTok, and their endorsement of the hotel helped to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. 


To execute the influencer marketing strategy, we organised a launch event at Avoca Hotel. This was attended by influencers and members of the press. The event was designed to showcase the hotel’s new interiors, amenities and services, and allow the influencers to experience the luxury of Avoca Hotel firsthand. 

The influencers shared their experience at the launch event across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to highlight their stay at the hotel and sharing honest reviews and opinions. This helped to generate buzz for the hotel’s relaunch and improve their credibility – encouraging followers to trust their recommendations and opinions. 

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Graphic Design


Our graphic design team in Belfast worked closely with the team at Avoca to understand their brand, vision and overall marketing goals. Based on this, we created visually stunning and effective social media graphics to be shared across platforms. 


The social media graphics effectively communicated the key messages and unique selling points of the hotel’s relaunch to their target audience. We used eye-catching visuals, typography and colour schemes that aligned with Avoca’s brand. This allowed us to create a cohesive look and feel for the hotel. From announcing the relaunch date to promoting exclusive offers and packages, our social media graphics were used to both inform guests and generate buzz for the hotel’s relaunch. 

Content Creation


To promote the launch of the Avoca Hotel, we provided various content creation services including photography and videography, and the results were nothing short of impressive. 

We worked closely with the team at Avoca to understand the hotel’s heritage, whilst also learning their business objectives and target audience. We then used this information to craft a comprehensive content strategy, using a combination of photography and videography. Our team captured stunning visuals of the hotel’s new interiors and food and beverage offering to highlight the unique decor and luxurious amenities that guests can expect. 

Our promotional video for Avoca Hotel also captured the unique experience that guests can expect when they stay at the hotel in the heart of Newcastle. From the warm and welcoming environment to the delicious food and drinks, our video content effectively communicated the hotel’s brand and value proposition to guests. 

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