Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland provides protection against discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, race, religion and political opinion, sex, and sexual orientation. As a non-departmental public body, they have responsibilities arising from the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in respect of the statutory equality and good relations duties which apply to public authorities.

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Project Overview


The Equality Commission required marketing and design support with their ‘Make Equality a Priority’ and ‘No Matter What’ campaigns.

Make Equality a Priority focused on campaigning for a Single Equality Act in Northern Ireland facilitating an update to the law against discrimination on all equality grounds, improving life for everyone who lives and works in Northern Ireland. Working alongside, the Equality Commission, at Rapid Agency we created a brochure, a social media campaign and paid social media ads to support the campaign and build brand awareness. 


The ‘No Matter What’ campaign focused on protecting rights after Brexit on the grounds of age, race, disability, sexual orientation and gender. We worked with The Equality Commission to create, execute and measure a paid social media campaign across YouTube, Meta and Twitter. 

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Paid Ads

What did Rapid do?


At Rapid Agency, we collaborated with the Equality Commission to develop effective strategies and deliver compelling campaigns that would support their initiatives and enhance brand awareness.

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Campaign Brochure


For the ‘Make Equality a Priority’ campaign, we created a comprehensive brochure that would serve as an informative resource, communicating the key messages and goals of the campaign. These designs aimed at capturing attention and igniting enthusiasm for the broader cause. 


We created captivating campaign designs aimed at capturing attention and igniting enthusiasm for the broader campaign and cause with ‘Make Equality a Priority’. This was encapsulated by the creation of a compelling campaign brochure that effectively built brand awareness and facilitated educational outreach for the campaign. 

Paid Social Media Ads


We leveraged the power of paid advertising across social media platforms to strategically drive increased website clicks and raise widespread awareness for both the ‘Make Equality a Priority’ and ‘No Matter What’ campaigns on behalf of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. By utilizing these platforms, we aimed to engage with diverse audiences, share key information, and encourage individuals to take action. The progress and impact of the campaign were meticulously measured, allowing Rapid Agency and the Equality Commission to evaluate the success of the campaign and make necessary adjustments.

Social Media Graphics


When working on ‘Make Equality a Priority’, we devised a social media campaign to further amplify the overall campaign reach, to engage with a wider audience and boost website traffic. With a keen understanding of the target audience and campaign objectives, we crafted visually captivating and thought-provoking content that resonated with the campaign audience and used the content across social media. Through our design and marketing planning efforts, we successfully facilitated a dynamic and engaging online presence for the ‘Make Equality a Priority’ campaign, amplifying its reach and impact.



Overall, Rapid Agency played an integral role in supporting the Equality Commission’s advocacy efforts through their expertise in creating compelling design assets, developing social media campaigns, and executing paid social media advertisements.


By collaborating closely with the client, Rapid Agency effectively communicated the goals and messages of both the “Make Equality a Priority” and “No Matter What” campaigns, contributing to promoting awareness, engagement and website traffic for key campaigns.

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