Set in beautiful wooded grounds on the outskirts of Ballymena, Tullyglass Hotel is a family owned hotel, renowned for its relaxing atmosphere, quality of service and high quality food using local produce.

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The hotel is centrally located in Northern Ireland, adjacent to the spectacular Glens of Antrim and close to the breathtaking Causeway Coast. Tullyglass have recently renovated the hotel, creating the beautiful McAllister’s Whiskey Lounge, newly refreshed reception and Clocktower wedding suite. 

Thanks to our close working relationship with the owners of Tullyglass House Hotel we’ve gained a real thorough understanding of their commercial aims and ambitions allowing us to provide relevant services to the business such as; Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Email Marketing and Copywriting. 

Graphic Design
A floral and blush wedding setup at Tullyglass House Hotel with photography services by Rapid Agency
The exterior and gardens of Tullyglass House Hotel with photography by Rapid Agency

What did Tullyglass need?


The Tullyglass team wanted to improve its presence on social media. The owners and management came to Rapid Agency seeking assistance with digital marketing and graphic design. This came during the closing and reopening of the hospitality sector during the pandemic.

The digital marketing assistance included social media profile management across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, paid advertising and improving the SEO of their current website to improve their Google ranking.

The Tullyglass Hotel is already renowned around the north coast for its weddings, events and dining but our aim was to grab the attention of new potential customers across the country and beyond.

Tullyglass print design for gift vouchers

Social Media Marketing


Our social media marketing work with Tullyglass began with taking over their pre-existing social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The main aim when taking over these profiles was to increase reach, engagement and following and to drive traffic to the Tullyglass Hotel & Residences website.

All three platforms have different needs, we worked with the team at Tullyglass to collect the correct information for and optimise each profile. 

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Text and Image Section image

Website SEO


SEO is essential when trying to gain awareness of your business. To help Tullyglass increase its presence on Google we decided to use blogs as a form of SEO. Keyword analysis was carried out to narrow down words and phrases that would benefit the website and four blogs a month was the agreed amount.

Email Marketing


Email marketing in the form of newsletters is a great way to update your audience about the news and events of your business. The Rapid team write and designs one newsletter a month for Tullyglass Hotel. This newsletter continues information about the goings-on at the hotel and links to different pages of the website to make it easy for customers to access the information they need.

Text and Image Section image
Text and Image Section image

Public Relations


On the PR side of things, we have worked on multiple press releases for the hotel including most recently the opening of their new lounge and other renovations to the Ballymena hotel. These press releases are written by the Rapid Agency team and then sent out to multiple news agents across Northern Ireland to be distributed online and via print.

Graphic Design


Our graphic design team at Rapid Agency work closely with the team at Tullyglass House Hotel, offering a range of design services across digital and print.

From graphics for social media to print advertising, we offer an extensive range of design assets for Tullyglass House Hotel. These are created with the hotel’s luxurious brand at heart, taking into consideration the beautiful surroundings and soft colour palette of the hotel.

Text and Image Section image
Text and Image Section image

Content Creation


It was important for the digital marketing side of things that the imagery of the hotel is constantly up to date so that the audience can relate more to it. Since our work with Tullyglass Hotel began they have had a number of photoshoots and video shoots. For example, to off their newly refurbished McAllister’s Whiskey Lounge and create short-form video content for social media. 

tullyglass house hotel | print design belfast | graphic design agency

The Results


The results of our work with Tullyglass Hotel & Residences to date have been very positive with the growth of followers, reach and in turn, generates fantastic engagement across all social media platforms, improved ranking on Google, aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid and further awareness of their hotel and its fantastic facilities.

We have a real focus on building long-term meaningful relationships with our clients, allowing us to really understand their business and the commercial challenges and opportunities.

This is just one example of the many long-term partnerships we’ve formed and it returns generating fantastic results, time and time again.

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