Willowbrook Foods

Provenance. Pioneering. Passionate. 

Willowbrook Foods is Ireland’s largest bagged salad producer, supplying delicious prepared vegetables and salads. 

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Project Overview


Our collaboration with Willowbrook Foods encompassed a comprehensive range of services, spanning web, SEO, social and packaging design. Throughout our dynamic partnership, we have transformed Willowbrook’s digital presence, and enhanced their brand visibility across multiple platforms. 

Our multifaceted collaboration with Willowbrook Foods has propelled their marketing efforts into hew heights. We have facilitated their brand growth and ensured a compelling customer experience again and again.

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Website Design


Through our exceptional web design capabilities, our web design team at Rapid crafted an engaging and user-friendly website. This showcased Willowbrook’s offerings, including Prepared Vegetables, Stir Fry and Noodles, Deli Salads and Salads. 

Leveraging our expertise in UX/UI design, we crafted an intuitive and seamless browsing experience for Willowbrook’s website visitors. We organised the website layout to ensure easy user navigation and effortless access to essential information. For example, the services and products offered. 

Through a combination of eye-catching visuals, a harmonious blend of typography and strategic use of Willowbrook’s brand colours, we created a visually cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing digital environment that truly reflects Willowbrook Food’s brand identity and essence. 

We prioritised functionality and accessibility, ensuring that Willowbrook’s website adapted to various devices and screen sizes. Our mobile-friendly approach allows users to access and interact with the website effortlessly, regardless of the device they are using. 

To elevate the website’s functionality, we integrated interactive elements and intuitive features to Willowbrook’s website. Call-to-action buttons were strategically placed, making it effortless to explore the products or request more information. Additionally, we incorporated a robust content management system, empowering the internal team at Willowbrook to easily update and modify the website content. Whether they are posting a job advertisement or adding a news article, Willowbrook’s team are fully equipped to keep their customers informed and up to date. 

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A green salad bowl packaging design for Willowbrook Foods by Rapid Agency

Social Media


To enhance Willowbrook’s digital presence, we have undertaken a comprehensive social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. With this, we have driven engagement amongst the target audience and grown their following across all platforms. 

As a B2B business supplying produce to a range of businesses across Northern Ireland, Willowbrook’s social media presence – particularly on LinkedIn – plays a vital role in their overall social media strategy. We have leveraged the social media platforms to position Willowbrook Foods as an industry leader to establish valuable connections with potential customers. The engaging content showcases Willowbrook’s expertise, business insights and showcases the value they bring to their customers. 

Our strategic content calendars ensure a consistent and compelling presence across all three platforms. Through this, we have optimised the social media channels, playing a pivotal role in enhancing Willowbrook’s digital presence and fostering connections with B2B and B2C audiences. Overall, we have solidified Willowbrook’s position as a trusted provider of high-quality produce. 

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An orange packaging design for Willowbrook Foods by Rapid Agency
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Packaging Design


Over the last few months, our graphic design team has worked closely with Willowbrook Foods to design unique and innovative packaging designs. The overall aim of this was to create visually appealing and impactful packaging to resonate with customers and effectively communicate the brand’s identity. Our packaging design creations have spanned across tray sleeves, vegetable bags and salad bowls. 

By understanding the critical role of packaging design in influencing purchase decisions, we analysed Willowbrook’s target marketing and competitors to develop a unique and compelling visual identity. We took a range of factors into consideration, including colour psychology, typography and illustration. With this, we were able to convey the brand values, authenticity and commitment to quality. 

Our colour schemes evoke freshness, vitality and naturality, aligning with Willowbrook Foods’ focus on providing fresh and high-quality produce. Strategic colour combinations were crafted to stand out on the shelves and create an immediate visual impact.

To create a lasting impression on the shelves, we incorporated visually striking hand-drawn illustrations to showcase the quality and freshness. With lined illustrations, we created vibrant vegetables, again to evoke a sense of taste. Our packaging design efforts were a series of visually captivating, cohesive and impactful packaging designs for Willowbrook Foods. The designs have not only elevated the brand’s shelf presence, but also their brand value and product quality.

Our expertise in design, coupled with a deep understanding of consumer preferences and market trends has played a pivotal role in creating packaging design that effectively communicates Willowbrook’s unique selling proposition to stand out in a competitive market. 

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