An Instagram caption can sometimes be overlooked in the grand scheme of your business, but this is a crucial to your success in the social media sphere. Here at Rapid Marketing, we’ve put together some simple ways to write creative and effective Instagram captions to engage with your customers and help grow your business.


Where a picture says a thousand words, your Instagram caption isn’t the best place to write a long story. We love amazing imagery at Rapid Media but it’s important to write a direct caption that begins with the important stuff and provides context to your photo, allowing you to inspire and engage with your followers.


Knowing your brand voice is key but for your Instagram caption, an informal and relaxed communication style works best. You want to know your audience but try to keep things light and humorous for your followers. Quick spelling and grammar checks never go amiss either – try to wipe out misspelled words or grammatical errors from the outset!


Emojis are another great way to approach the informal communication style. These give an insight into your brand personality and add an eye-catching extra to your caption, may it be arrows or a telephone emoji added at the end. Top tip is to use emojis, but don’t overuse them.


Hashtags and tags are key in increasing your engagement and the likelihood of gaining new followers. Keep your hashtags plain and simple, these can add to your post’s meaning or simply using brand hashtags that relate to your business, location or sector. Engaging with your followers through @mentions is a great way to involve your current followers but also to invite new followers to your business who wouldn’t have discovered your page otherwise!


An instagram caption will only show the first few words in your post, so make your followers want to click “show more” by asking a question or call to action. By encouraging your followers to engage with your content by commenting their opinions, tagging their friends or to a link in your bio, you create another great way to increase traffic to your page.


If you would like some extra help with your social media don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a shout via our website or on instagram.