Social media is constantly changing and evolving. It’s inevitable. However, there’s been one significant change that will transform the inner workings of Instagram. Yes, we’re talking about IGTV. 

When it was first introduced in June 2018, well it kind of flopped. There was no desire or appeal to jump on the latest changing face of the platform. It left a lot of people asking questions like –  what is this actually for? So whilst the feature went relatively unnoticed, Instagram have instated new changes that encourage the use of IGTV. Therefore, it’s inevitable to see more of it on your feed. Not sure how to use it? Here’s how 👇🏼

Shhh! Silent Viewing.

All instagram videos automatically play in the app with the sound off as a default. To fully reap the benefits of sharing these videos, you want to ensure that your videos are optimised for silent viewers too. An easy way to get around this is to incorporate subtitles or to ensure your video makes sense without sound. 

Important. Info. Only.

Scrolling can get boring. So make sure you grab attention easily! Ensure your content is able to hook a viewer early and peak interest ASAP. Keep your caption short, sweet and engaging. You’ll want to think about these main themes: What it’s about, Why you should watch & Who should watch!

Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

We’ve said it once – we’ll say it again. Hashtags are vital for the success of your content. Ensure your videos are seen by a wider variety of people by including relevant hashtags that will direct traffic to your content. This means people following that hashtag can discover your content. 

rapid marketing itv videos


Get the word out there…

Whenever you start posting to a new channel, it’s best practice to inform your followers on other channels what you’re up to, in case they want to follow you there too. IGTV can now feature on previews to an IGTV video from Stories & one minute previews to your Instagram feed and profile. Instagram then tempts people to keep watching on IGTV. IGTV channels also translate onto Twitter, email marketing and Facebook videos. 

Only post content that warrants a longer format

Only post content on IGTV that actually warrants being there! It’s not the place for 15 second clips – these can easily go on your feed or stories. Content of 60+ seconds now has a home in IGTV so ensure you utilise this the right way. Think of IGTV as a middle ground between YouTube and Instagram feed videos.

rapid marketing itv videos

An On Brand Experience

Fully embrace IGTV as a brand experience. Just because it’s an extension of Instagram feed does not mean it needs to be entirely separate. Align your IGTV content with the rest of your brand to ensure a faultless transition from feed to IG channel.

If you’d like to know more about IGTV and how to create a content strategy which aligns with the new segment of Instagram, get in touch via our website or Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!




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