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Scheduling Your Social Media Content


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube… Every Social Media Network has its own rules about the content than can be published, the timing and its specific audience. To fully utilise each social media network to it’s full potential, it takes you time, and at Rapid Agency in Belfast we know how important is your time for your business.

Today we are going to focus on the benefits of scheduling your Social Media content. There are a whole host of tools out there. This will give you the possibility to have in one place to schedule your content to be shared on different Social Media channels. But first it’s important to understand and underline the main advantages of scheduling posts.


The Benefits of Scheduling your Social Media Content

  1. More time… and utilising your time. Ok, maybe at the beginning you could feel a bit annoyed about the idea of learning how to use another tool that requires to connect different Social Media accounts. But the truth is that, after getting to grips with the tool, you’ll be able to schedule many contents for the following days or even weeks, so you’ll be able to manage your time at best. Scheduling posts gives you also the possibility to share content at the best time for your business.
  2. All your content, in one place. What’s better than having one place that includes all the content you are going to share, with previews of both images and texts and the possibility to edit or reschedule your content? Whatever Social Media schedule tool you are going to use, it will give you a clear overview of your posts.
  3. Consistency. As far as possible, you should have a Social Media Calendar and stay loyal to it. It’s not the easiest task, but the benefits for the image of your brand are unquestionable. If you do that, your business will have a sustained, reliable and well-organised brand personality that will be instantly recognisable.
  4. Increase your followers. Consistency will help you gain more and more followers. Again, for better results you have to find the right balance between the good content and good timing.


These are just a few of the reasons you should really consider to spend time on scheduling your Social Media posts. Less time, more productivity – it’s a no brainer! In the next blog post we’ll go into detail, comparing three of the best Social Media posting and scheduling tools: Hootsuite, Content Creator and Buffer.

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