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The importance of SEO for Northern Ireland businesses


At Rapid Digital Agency Belfast we specialise in SEO for Northern Ireland businesses. We provide the content & web design to get your website ranked higher. This process is called Search Engine Optimisation – SEO.

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Here are 5 tips from a top Northern Ireland SEO agency that will get your business ranked higher in the search listings:



Google needs to see certain keywords in your website content that match what people are searching for. There can be a lot of these and it’s a bit of a maze to understand the right balance (Welcome to the wonderful world of SEO for Northern Ireland Businesses). Sprinkle these keywords throughout your website. Word of warning – Don’t overdo it. You can get ideas for these keywords by using Google’s keyword planner.

Google Maps

As a top performing Belfast Digital Agency we have noticed that appearing on Google Maps gets your business great exposure on the first page of search results. Try focusing on building a Google Map profile. Pulling in reviews from actual customers can make a huge difference to your search engine rankings. Try emailing your customers with a link to your review page. You can find this link by creating a Google My Business account.


Great Content = higher rankings

If Google thinks customers find your website useful it will keep sending people to you. Update your website regularly with useful content for customers. ‘How to’ articles, videos and links to other successful websites within your business area go a long way to keeping customers coming to your website. More importantly regular updates keep Google happy in the knowledge that you are who Google thinks you are.


Get social

Start a YouTube channel, get tweeting and link from your website to your social channels. This all helps customers see you as active and helps Google in being more confident of sending repeat business your way. If this is something you would like to leave to the experts, speak with Rapid Digital Agency Belfast about this.



Look at what your competitors are doing. Take some inspiration from their success and remember that search engine optimisation is a slow burner. It’ll take time to rise up the rankings and get your site higher on the search engine results page. There are also tools we can use to track the hits a competitor website receives, including what people are using to search for when they land on a competitor site.


If ranking higher on a Google search is something you need to do then speak with us about building a Belfast SEO campaign or a Northern Ireland SEO Campaign.


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Written by Rory Broughal





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