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Are you posting consistently and making great content but not seeing the engagement? Extremely smart algorithms coupled with a saturated space of marketers makes it a lot harder than it looks. Instagram is the best place to market your business, so we have a few tips for how to optimise your content. Here are our instagram engagement hacks you need to know about. 


According to research done by Medium, video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text, putting it at the top of the virtual food chain. However, it’s up to you to look at your Instagram analytics and determine whether photos or videos perform better for you. Our hack: decide which medium performs better, and use a carousel every so often to showcase as much high performance content as possible. Don’t overwhelm your audience, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing!

Utilise Colour

Some colours perform better than others. Hack #2 from us: gain an understanding of the psychology of colour. It’s been proven that red, purple and pink have the most engagement. Don’t want to make your entire post red? Seems fair. Why not include a focal point of the image in one of these colours? 

Another tip we have is to choose a neutral, muted background to allow the viewer to focus on the focal point of the image. 


Images with people in them always perform better. The team at Rapid have come up with a few reasons why this could be: 

  1. Human photos create the impression that your business is trustworthy because your viewers can see the people behind it. 
  2. Photos with people in them, specifically their faces, create an emotional connection so gain a better response to call to actions.
  3. Viewers can tell a stock image from an authentic one and will make judgements based on this. 

Make Content that is SAVABLE

Let us explain this a little better. Create content that people will save and refer back to. Lists work really well for this. An example of this is a list of self care ideas. It’s something people can look back on and check over. Kind of like this article: Instagram Engagement Hacks You Need To Know.

These hacks, as simple as they seem, will transform the level of engagement if you do them. Always keep in mind that the content shouldn’t be what YOU find interesting, it should be what your AUDIENCE find interesting. If it’s both, happy days!

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