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If you have taken on a client and are doing their social media marketing, you’ll know that you can’t immediately spring into action and post any old thing. Undoubtedly, there will be collaboration, conversations and bouncing ideas off each other first. You’ll want to gain an understanding of the brand’s values, colours, images and tone online. In other words, get to know your client inside out, back to front, upside down. Keep reading for Rapid’s homegrown tips for how to: social media marketing clients. 

Gather all the information QUICKLY

We all know, at the beginning of a relationship with a client there will be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. You’ll forget to ask something, your client will forget to tell you, you get the idea. But don’t let this go on. Make a list of information you need from the client to minimise the time-sucking questions. That way, you’ll be working more efficiently, feeling more prepared and seeming more confident. 

Gain access to social media accounts

Make sure to get all the relevant information for log-ins. Remember that if you’re managing a couple of different accounts, the passwords could be different. With best practise in mind, it’s important to store this information somewhere secure. Our favourite? Facebook Business Manager. Everything is in one place, which we love. 

To keep you right, here’s a list of information you need from the client. 


Next, gather the information that will help you to write the best content possible. Gather every detail you can. Here are a few questions to get you on your way:

  • Who are your ideal clients? 
  • Can you tell me your target demographics?
  • What is the tone of voice you’d like us to opt for? Casual, corporate, formal, friendly etc?
  • Which subjects are off limits? 

In terms of first impressions, this approach is sure to make a good one on your client. You will come across as organised, professional and on the ball. You’ll save the valuable time of yourself and of your client. The extra time spent at the beginning will stand to you and will save you time in the long run. So why not try it? Follow our little plan for How to: Social Media Marketing Clients. 

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