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Uncertainty. That’s likely the worst part about this entire pandemic for a lot of people. Things that were set in stone before, like Christmas with our families, going to work every day or travelling to other countries on our holidays, all now depend on what the situation is at the time. If the restrictions have been lifted. If the R number is down. If we’ve got a vaccine. Business owners are at a loss, particularly in the hospitality sector. Many have shut up shop indefinitely, losing confidence in their venture. For a bit of a change, here’s staying hopeful for your business during a pandemic. 

Survival Mode

Let me say this: it’s time to enter survival mode, or rather; it’s time to re-enter survival mode. An April survey by Main Street America found that about 7.5 million businesses are at risk of folding for good if the pandemic continues. And it has continued. To keep up, businesses need to give this their best shot and keep their heads up. 

Some good advice

We’ve searched around and found some pieces of advice that we find uplifting, relevant and helpful. 

American comedian, writer and television personality Hasan Minhaj suggested, ‘Right after you read the news, try doing a physical activity. Do push-ups, take a walk, do 25 jumping jacks. You’re going to feel panic and anxiety; do something physical to burn it off. It’ll give you clarity.’ In other words, no matter who you are, business owner, member of staff, CEO, when you hear something that induces fear, don’t wallow in it. Get moving and get some fresh air. 

‘And this, too, shall pass away.’ Abraham Lincoln employed this phrase in a speech he made before becoming president. In application to the situation many businesses find themselves in today, it is vital to remember that this dire situation and our plummeting economy will not last forever. This is a moment in time and nothing can last forever. 

Producer and screenwriter Shonda Rhimes said, ‘If you are afraid, be brave for someone else. Things feel more doable if they are not about you.’ When your business feels like it’s failing, try not to catastrophize things. Easier said than done, we know. Put yourself outside of the situation and try to think rationally.

Take Inspiration

Take inspiration from businesses that were born of this pandemic. See how they have come to life, spread their wings and are actually thriving because of it. Why shouldn’t that be you? 

There’s no arguing, the COVID-19 pandemic has been astronomically bad for businesses and has changed the way that we work. While it’s difficult to see the positives in it, we have to try not to focus on the negatives. In terms of staying hopeful for your business during a pandemic, consider the advice we’ve given and think outside the box.

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