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Homes Independant

I have been working with Rapid Marketing for the past 6 months and it has been a fantastic experience. James knew what I wanted from our first meeting and he has consistently put forward new ideas that have helped my business to move forward in a way it wouldn’t have without Rapid Marketing. Excellent service!



Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Homes Independant Testimonials




Rapid Marketing for me has meant that I can shift my focus to other areas of the business that need my attention and I can trust our online presence is consistent and beneficial to the local area. James has been helpful in suggesting areas I can get involved in online to help grow the business while also being responsive to requests in our brands representation.



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Baby Bert

I went live with my website in March, and don’t think I could have done it without the support of Zoe and James. they just took on my aims for the business, they developed a love for what I was doing and it is shown through every post!




Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Baby Bert Testimonials






Rapid marketing has helped us develop as a brand on social media, using James knowledge of advertising we have been able to advertise to our customer demographic much more efficiently




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Dandie & Dot

James has been so friendly, helpful and patient during the months prior to our website launch and since it! Always at the end of the phone and solves any problems that inevitably occur when setting up a new business. He has created a Rapid Marking package for us in line with our business needs. We can’t recommend him more! Thanks James!



Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Dandie & Dot Testimonial


Torbitts Ltd

Rapid Marketing started doing our marketing one year ago, James came and met with us and asked us what it was that we wanted to achieve and then came up with a plan to get us there. James and Zoe both came back with a professional camera and photographed our showroom and some of the kitchens we had previously fitted, the images turned out better than I ever could have expected. Soon we had an updated and current Facebook page and a brand new Instagram account, before long public knowledge of our company has grown with a noticeable increase in business. Any other company would have been happy just to leave it there and let things tick along nicely but the team at Rapid came back with more ideas now that our social media is up to date, now we have a brand new professional website and a new market strategy on the best way to promote our company! Rapid Marketing is a professional company that are genuinely working to help their customers grow their business, I couldn’t recommend them enough!


Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Torbitts Ltd Testimonial

Rapid Marketing Masterclass Sessions showed us how to produce more effective Social Media Content and taught us things about social media we didn’t know, even though we considered ourselves frequent users. The best thing about your masterclass was it felt very tailored for us and looked at our company’s social media very specifically, it wasn’t a generic social media overview like most other courses out there. I would highly reccomend it for anyone wanting to improve how they use social media

Eoin, From the Consumer Council NI