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Coco Rose





Our team at Rapid Agency will take you from A-Z in one fell swoop. Be it a flashy new website, some eye catching branding or social media management, we’re here for all your digital needs. Your process with us will go from brainstorming to consultation to review to completion in the most efficient way possible. Recently, we worked with beauty and hair salon Coco Rose. We created a website and so launched their web presence to strengthen their business.

What is Coco Rose?

Coco Rose is a stunning beauty salon in Ballymena that offers a vast range of services. Everything from nails to brows to hair, all your favourite treatments to make you feel beautiful and glam, can be done in-house!

Check out this amazing review from their website: 

“Love every minute with the girls! They are the best in the town! Really professional and always on top of their game, the salon looks amazing too.”

Website Build

The team at Coco Rose had already created a strong, eye catching brand and came to us with the request of a top-class website to compliment this. Your website is about getting the most value from each and every visitor, remember. Our web design team at Rapid Agency got to work. 

Firstly, we considered the layout of the site and constructed it based on the visual hierarchy. Put simply, this refers to the size, colour and placement of all the elements of the website. It refers to where your eyes are drawn to first on the site. Next, we ensured that we used clear, concise headings throughout the site. The easier it is to navigate, the more successful the website will be. Our team also ensured that the website wasn’t cluttered looking. Having a clean, modern looking page can be so appealing to your audience and potential customers. Think about Apple’s website! 

Coco Rose wanted services and pricing to be very obvious on the website. Our team worked closely with the Coco Rose team to craft the most effective, informative anf enticing copy for the site. The end product, was a website that is user friendly, fast loading and easy to navigate on desktop or mobile devices.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Coco Rose. If you think we could help your business too, get in touch with us today!