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At Rapid we want to help you in all things digital. Our diverse team of Web Designers can help you with the different areas you would like to improve on, while listening to your thoughts and ideas of how you would like your brand to look. We want your brand to be authentic to you, our Rapid team of Graphic and Web Designers, along with help from our Social Media Management and SEO experts can help your business come alive in the Digital world. We will be with you every step of the way! 

Working with Catherine Robb brought joy to our Rapid team, it was clear she is very passionate about her business and this came across during our time together.

Who is Catherine Robb?

Dr Catherine Robb has worked in the medical industry for over 20 years, and has always had an interest in skincare, wellbeing and facial anatomy and has progressed towards non-surgical aesthetic treatments as she loves guiding patients through their skincare journey with treatments ranging from microneedling to dermal fillers. She wanted to take her Digital Marketing a step further, which is why she came to us at Rapid Agency.

What was asked of Rapid Agency?

Catherine came to Rapid seeking a Website for her business, our Web Design team were happy to have her on board. She already had branding that she loved, so we then wanted to create a website to reflect Catherines branding all while creating an easy, user friendly experience for her customers when visiting her website.

Our approach

We started the Web Design from scratch on WordPress, the Website was designed for both desktop and mobile devices to increase accessibility. The Web Design was kept simple with a modern colour scheme and easy access to Dr Robb’s contact details and her current Social Media links, all helping improve the SEO side of things for the site. Keyword Phrases were placed throughout the Website to increase the volume of organic searches (SEO) and click through rate from Search Engines on Catherine’s page.

Each section flows nicely into the next from the homepage to the ‘Contact Us’ section and everything in between. From the beginning visitors are given the option to ‘Book a Consultation’, this is to save the user time. We wanted to provide the customer with optimal UX so the use of inclusive and informative language throughout the site allows the customer to learn about the business without having to search through too many pages.

Creating trust with the customer

Placing testimonials on the homepage increases trust between the site and its visitor, for this site our Web Designers decided it was best to have a four-page carousel displaying previous customer reviews. An effective Website ought to connect seamlessly to social media platforms therefore granting your business credibility as well as being more professional and trustworthy. Also, included on the homepage is a contact enquiry form, we want to encourage customers to get in contact with any queries without any hassle and allow Catherine to access customer questions in a more efficient way.

From initial consultation, right through to sign off we allow our clients to enter into the work to ensure the design process is true to tone of voice and personality. Using language related to the website increases SEO for optimal searches as we wanted the website to move up the Google search ladder. We very much enjoyed working with Dr. Catherine Robb on this site, she had a vision of how she wanted her site to turn out and give us the tools to make her vision come to life. She was an absolute delight to work with and we hope to meet again for more fun projects.