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At Rapid Agency, we provide a fully comprehensive service to all of our clients. Our diverse, talented team will take you smoothly from brainstorming, to consultation, to review, to completion and we offer help and support in all things digital. Over the past few months, we have been working with Hydro NI, and the friendly face behind it, Paul Frame. We have helped to nurture and grow Paul’s business by developing it digitally through the design and creation of branding and a website, the delivery of a welcome pack and the management of his social media channels. 

What is Hydro? 

Hydro NI is a brand new health and fitness program, designed for clients to rethink their habits and ‘rehydrate their lives’. Paul’s overarching message is that balance is key, and exercise and nutrition are at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. Having been a member of the fitness industry since 2017, a level 2 qualified fitness instructor and a level 3 qualified personal trainer, Paul has equipped himself with all the tools necessary to deliver a life changing program tailored individually to his clients. 

Paul works alongside Precision Nutrition to realign his clients attitudes to food. 

The PN advice is generally intuitive rather than numbers based because he recognises that each individual is on a different health and fitness journey.


The Rapid graphic design team created buyer personas and gathered information about his potential clients backgrounds, demographics and identifiers. They brainstormed and came up with logo designs that could appeal to these potential clients. Eventually, the Hydro ‘wave’ was created, representing the fluidity between health, happiness, exercise and nutrition.  

Website & Welcome Pack

The Hydro NI website was designed on WordPress to be user friendly, fast loading and easy to navigate on desktop or mobile devices. The importance of a business having a website as a base rather than just a Facebook page shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to credibility and perception. 

The welcome pack was designed in a consistent way, with the branding included throughout. Our copywriting team used professional, compelling and engaging language to entice onboarding clients. 

Social Media Management 

To provide us with some compelling, interesting content, our team carried out a photoshoot with Paul and a client. The candid, light hearted imagery was then used on his social media channels along with interesting, informative copy to grow his digital presence and raise brand awareness. 

It’s been really fun working with Paul and it’s not over yet! We’re so excited to see how your business develops and grows over time and we look forward to joining you on each step.