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Smallcost Web Design

Here at Rapid Agency, we take an all encompassing approach to your business. Our talented, multi faceted team tackle every single client with the same determination and passion. We offer a range of services to bring your business up to scratch, digitally. When you utilise the tools we give you, success is guaranteed!

Recently, we have been working alongside Smallcost Carpets to create a brand new logo and website to revitalise their brand and showcase their products to the absolute best of their ability.

What is Small Cost Carpets?

Nearly 50 years in the industry, Smallcost Carpets is a family run business with stores in Coleraine and Ballymena. As experts in their field, they know everything there is to know about stunning carpets. They stock beautiful, top of the range vinyls, wooden floors, carpets and LVT products and pride themselves on the low prices they are listed at. The team at Small Cost approached us with the vision of being more digitally accessible and recognisable, so we got to work!


Our graphic design team created buyer personas and gathered information about potential clients; their backgrounds, demographics and identifiers. They started to design a logo that would speak to the potential customers; something they could identify with. Eventually, the revitalised Smallcost logo was formed. Now, this business can showcase themselves to the world, in the way they want to!



The new Smallcost website was designed on WordPress to be easy to use, fast and user friendly. It is designed to work seamlessly on desktop or mobile devices. We included an estimation calculator and a contact form, to make Small Cost as accessible as possible. Remember, having a functional and aesthetically pleasing website is a basic requirement for a successful business!

It’s been so fun working with the team from Smallcost. We are excited to see the business flourish even more with their new branding and website and wish them all the best in the future!