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Ah the Instagram Story. It’s fair to say that they have taken a large degree of prominence in the platform with quick stories allowing creators to dodge the unpredictable algorithm we all love to hate. Quick, snappy stories are becoming a better way to engage with followers and create a relationship with your audience. We’re going to give you our top tips and tricks for Insta stories that are sure to engage with your audience. 




The clue is absolutely in the name here… stories aren’t the same as your feed. Stories give you an opportunity to create real and raw content on the go. Generally, feeds are highly edited, well thought out content whereas stories tend to be more relaxed. Our top tip here is to make sure your stories are cohesive & blend well to give an overview of exactly what you want to say. You can do this by creating all your stories then posting them at all once. 



If you want engagement, you need to optimise your stories for engagement! Be it hashtags, mentions, interactive stickers or polls, we’d encourage anyone who wants to utilise Instagram Story to be as active as possible with these elements. You can’t gauge stories by comments or likes, so rely on these features to measure your content’s effectiveness. 

Be creative by asking questions or creating polls for the sake of good content, but also for an insight into your audience demographic. 


Calls to action are the single most important element in creating engaging content with purpose. They aren’t difficult to implement, and for most of the time, people don’t even realise they are being sold a product or being influenced to engage as it is an integrated part of life on Instagram. 

We know you’ve heard these terms before…

Swipe up! Comment below! Like our latest image for a chance to win! 

These are oh too common but can make a huge difference. This simple technique can turn a normal story into genuine leads for your business, which is vital to success. 


This saying really goes in any walk of life, but its particularly relevant here. Whilst stories are a more relaxed alternative, it should be blatantly obvious that that story belongs to YOU. This allows key links to be made between your stories and your brand identity. If your overall aesthetic is evident in your stories, your content will be recognisable and unique to you. 

If you’d like to know more about IG stories and how you can utilise stories for your business, get in touch via our website or Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!




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