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Here at Rapid, we’re all about time management. Making the most of your time on LinkedIn will allow you to stay visible, build your network, nurture contacts, and find new opportunities. The opportunities are endless. You can showcase your experience, skills, and career achievements, create and maintain awareness of your brand, promote content you’ve created or curated and find new business opportunities. So if you’re spending too much time and seeing no return on the time investment, look no further. We’ve got a handy little engagement plan to guide you through how to improve your LinkedIn with 10 minutes a day.

Define your objectives

Anything that you do without a plan, will be a waste of time for you. Start by defining who you want to reach, what you want to tell them and what insights you want to discover. Research around other profiles of people in your industry. Check out their activity section and see who they are interacting with. Take note. What are they doing well? What could they improve on?

Make your LinkedIn Profile Business Ready

Make your LinkedIn profile informative and relevant to your audience and don’t just copy and paste your CV. It’s not relevant when you’re coming at your profile from a business development standpoint. Customers don’t really care about your great achievements, instead they want to know how you and your business can help them so make sure your LinkedIn profile conveys that. Read the following for a list of tips for how to improve your LinkedIn profile with 10 minutes.

For a knock-out profile, you should include

  •  A professional photograph (headshot)
  • A headline
  • An About section letting people know your career story and how you can help them now
  • A populated Experience section with descriptions for each role
  • A completed Skills section with a listing of up to 50 skills relevant to your job role, soft skills, and industry knowledge
  • Education details

Regularly participate on LinkedIn

Ideally, a small slot of time each day could be devoted to the development of your LinkedIn. If you can’t make that work, try a few slots a week and build it up. Make using LinkedIn a regular habit and stay visible for when your network might need to use or refer details of you and your services. This is one of our most important tip for how to improve your LinkedIn profile with 10 minutes a day.

Measure your success

You want to know if your time is being well spent, right? Use your personal LinkedIn dashboard to measure your success. Your numbers should always be going up if you’re doing it right. 

So, a small amount of time can go a long way. It’s a tiny investment for a great return. Why not give it a try and see if you can improve your LinkedIn with 10 minutes a day?

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