As the new year creeps closer, you might want to reflect on the year passed and look at what performed well and what didn’t. You will want to stay on top of current trends and even be preempting what’s to come. If your business is active on social media, take a moment to consider up and coming trends on Instagram, home of over 1 million users worldwide. Think about how you can use them as leverage for your 2021 customers. Need some inspiration? Keep reading for our New Trends for Instagram in 2021. 


Instagram stories were launched only four years ago but have proven to be absolutely integral to Instagram marketing. And it’s not going anywhere! Did you know that 78% brands say that Instagram Stories have had a massive impact on influencers’ content about their brand (Tribe Dynamics, 2020). In other words, influencers can discuss different products in an unpolished, natural way now. 


Instagram reels were launched in August of this year and allows users to create and publish 15 second video clips. It was launched not long after the jaw-dropping success of Tik-Tok this year and has been described as ‘the Tik-Tok clone’. It won’t surprise us at all if Instagram reels grow to be just as, or more, popular than Tik-Tok. 

Instagram Live

The grips of the pandemic took social media in a totally unprecedented direction, including the surge in popularity of Instagram Live. At a point during this year, Live usage shot up by 70%. From where we’re sitting, it’s not coming down. The reason for this has been attributed to people turning to social media to satisfy their need for social interaction. 

In-App Shopping

36 percent of Instagrammers in the US list shopping as a hobby. As it stands, 70 percent of shoppers use Instagram for product discovery (Facebook, 2019). There are also 130 million users who learn more about products by tapping on shopping posts every month. There’s no doubt that Instagram as an ecommerce platform is growing, and we predict that this is only the start. 

Launched in 2017, the option to most multiple pictures at the same time has proven to be extremely popular and it’s still continuing to grow! In 2020 alone, we see that carousel posts’ share of the total Instagram posts has been increasing month after month.

The ever growing popularity of Instagram is something to keep in mind. It’s important to reflect on the Instagram successes of the past year and to make educated predictions about new trends on Instagram for 2021.