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A lot of the time, writing compelling copy goes unnoticed until it’s done wrong. The aim of compelling copy is to engage your audience and entice them to respond to a call to action. Before you write any more, have a read at Rapid’s top tips for writing compelling copy. 

Understand your target audience 

Before putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, try to define your audience. This will give you a valuable insight into their lives; their interests, jobs, spending habits. This will inform you about how to interact with them. It will allow you to write in a tone that will resonate with them, address key issues that they may have and offer the right solutions at the right price. 

Use Emotive Language

Using emotive, persuasive and thought provoking language can make your audience feel as though you are talking to them personally. Playing on emotions such as fear, excitement and nostalgia is a surefire way to engage readers. Make your text as customer centric and value based as possible. 

Avoid Weasel Words

When writing copy, be as direct and straightforward as you possibly can. If your product offering is weak, your copy might be. Using phrases such as ‘from as little as,’ makes your copy less authoritative and strong, so be very careful. 

Create Urgency 

Your copy can be great, but if you don’t create any urgency then your audience will forget to respond. Using phrases such as ‘selling fast’, ‘don’t miss out,’ and ‘limited time remaining’ can maintain momentum and cause readers to act before it slips their mind.  

Always include a Call to Action

With consideration to where in the marketing funnel your reader is situated, including a call to action can prove to be very beneficial. If a reader is in the consideration stage, it might be better to offer a soft CTA instead of hitting them with ‘buy now’. Consider how that can be overwhelming and pushy if the reader is not quite at the buying stage. 

Your copy won’t grasp everyone’s attention. It doesn’t have to. Your goal should always be to speak to your target audience in a meaningful, compelling way. Using the right language, speaking in the right tone and creating an urgency is how you will see a response.  If you are struggling, follow Rapid’s top tips for writing compelling copy and watch your readers’ responses transform.

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