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Videography? Wasn’t even in the realm of content marketing in previous times. Needless to say that we don‘t even recognise how large the scale is when considering video marketing. Utilising videography for business is absolutely vital in order to harness a whole new world at your fingertips. Millennial culture sees stars born on YouTube, influencers gaining power from squares on the ‘gram and so much more. Snapchat, Vine and TikTok are platforms which make sharing video clips effortless, and that’s without mentioning Instagram and Facebook stories. Businesses must move to these platforms in order to inspire and appeal to the needs of their audiences. 


Connecting with Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is now no longer linear. We must move with the times in order to bring our businesses to life. Video brings your brand to life and gives it a personality, evolving constantly and telling your story. Video adds a new layer where text cannot, really engaging with audiences is the key to creating customers. 


Videography is the Medium for Content

Businesses must move with platform evolutions and market themselves appropriately. 80% of all content marketing is attributed to video marketing with a vast amount of this being on mobile.

Selling a product? Check this…

90% of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions

92% of videos viewed via mobile are shared compared to other modes of access.

This is our aim, create content and share with your friends. Kind of like word of mouth but way more millennial. 

Another fact – utilizing video content can increase traffic by 41%. These statistics are crazy, but we have to believe the facts. The video evolution is here and as marketers and business owners we cannot ignore it.

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It can seem like a pricey investment. 

We guarantee, with videography it’s worth your while tenfold. Not only have you earned yourself a cracking piece of content but this is yours forever, use it in whatever way you like. Social media posts, ads, blogs – you name it, you can use it!


Stay loyal to your identity – and audience.

It can seem like a good idea to push out across all platforms with little thought in the matter. YouTube hails as the queen of video, and rightly so. However, Facebook has been playing catch-up this year alongside Instagram, which we’ve mentioned has now been introducing IGTV into the mix. So whether you stream on socials or sites always keep your content aligned with your products and services. By all means, experiment across platforms but keep it authentic. Especially in regards to video.

If you’d like to know more about  and how to create a content strategy which aligns with the new segment of Instagram, get in touch via our website or Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!




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