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Rapid Marketing Belfast

Engaging Strategies 




Rapid Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We provide a range of digital marketing and content creation services which enables us to provide a well structured approach for our clients.

Within Rapid PR and Rapid Media we have carefully placed an expert to look after each service to ensure our customer gets the maximum return for their investment in us.


Our Approach 


Here at Rapid Agency in Belfast, our approach to digital marketing covers each fundamental part of the process from initial ideation right through to formulated reports and data. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of providing an excellent service to Businesses all over the UK.



Rapid Marketing Services


Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Ideation


A well contrived marketing strategy starts with an idea. We collaborate with Business Owners, Marketing and Sales Teams and customers to formulate the initial concept to market.

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Strategy


We develop a digital marketing strategy detailing the type and form of content that should be produced and how it should be promoted. We begin creating and promoting content to the target audience and manage the process using a content calendar.

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We provide social media channel management to manage all of the content production and engagement across social media channels. We create native micro content for each social media channel. We work with businesses closely to develop micro content for their audience utilising customer research.

Analytics & Report

We create a client dashboard and monthly report outlining progress and the project KPIs.