So, you want to rank number one, on page one of Google search results? Would you really like to increase your website’s organic visibility, traffic and results? And you’ve got a blog and are ready to use it to maximise SEO results? Welcome to the club! Nearly every company these days has a blog, but few utilise it properly to send their rankings soaring. Luckily, here at Rapid, that sort of thing is our bread and butter. We’ve written a helpful little article on writing blogs to improve your SEO. Keep reading. 


Do your keyword research and gather a good list of searchterms. Then, try to include them in your titles, headings, subheadings, introduction, conclusion, anchor text, meta description and images. Weaving these through your blog posts will make them sturdy, strong and reliable. And Google will love them!

Choose a good name 

The name of the blog is an optimisation tool as well you know! Calling it ‘blog’ will set you comfortably into the abyss of other ‘blogs’. And you don’t want that, do you? Be creative! Let’s say you own a pet shop in Belfast. Why not give your blog a headstart and bless it with the name ‘Help & Advice from Belfast’s Best Pet Shop’. Try to picture you’re a potential customer, searching organically for a pet shop near them. Gather a few good keywords and try to incorporate them into your blog’s name.

No blog post is complete without a couple of inbound and outbound links. Linking to other people’s blogs or articles is a nice gesture and it increases your chances of receiving a link back. Google loves to see this and will improve your rankings if it sees this. And that, friends, is invaluable. 

Linking between your own articles and pages internally will help Google to understand the structure of your site and make it appear more legitimate to the search engine, shoving you up the rankings. For example: Why not check out our other helpful blogs about SEO?

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Promote on your social media 

If you’re writing a blog, chances are you have different social media accounts. So why not share your hard work with your audience on these, and watch your web exposure skyrocket?

Writing blogs to improve your SEO can be more complex than you imagined but we suggest creating an SEO Checklist. Work your way through it as you go to strengthen your content and we guarantee you will reap the benefits.



If ranking higher on a Google search is something you need to do then speak with us about building a Belfast SEO campaign or a Northern Ireland SEO Campaign.

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