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Do you want to reach a wider audience on Instagram? Have more people engaging with your content? Create a more loyal following? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Rapid, we’ve come up with a few answers to the question of How to Gain a Wider Audience on Instagram. 


For starters, why not invite a guest onto your Instagram live with you? Instagram live is a great way to show a more candid side of you and your business. Coming online and speaking freely and without rehearsal will make you seem raw and organic. It’s about showing your true self so your followers can relate to you. With a guest, you can establish yourselves as thought leaders and bounce ideas off each other. 


Secondly, you can run a share-worthy competition or giveaway. Think about how you can contribute and give back to your community. How can you best serve your customers and community? Consider running a fundraiser for an organization that your Instagram followers care about or create a philanthropic initiative that will resonate with them. You could also launch an Instagram contest and have your followers nominate a worthy recipient of your prize. Have them record a video explaining why they’re nominating this person and how the prize would benefit them. Here’s an idea: you could ask each applicant to say your tagline in the video and use it as user-generated content in your marketing.

Lead Magnet

Another way of gaining a wider audience on Instagram: try offering a lead magnet to all of your connections. It should be something of value to your prospects such as a free guide or a checklist that’s relevant to your niche’s needs. Here at Rapid, we offered a few Instagram Cheat Sheet to help our followers nurture their profiles. In return for this, we asked for the users email addresses so that we could add them to our email list and take them on the Rapid journey with us. Ultimately, actions like this build a relationship with your prospects where they learn more about you and your message and experience the value your business can provide. 

So, if you want to gain a wider audience on Instagram, focus on harvesting a group of loyal and likeminded followers. You’ll notice an improvement in brand awareness, reputation, credibility, and hopefully sales. Give it a try.

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