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The beginning of a New Year is a time for changes, resolutions and developing good habits! Web development is rapidly changing and evolving and your website can rapidly fall behind if it is not regularly updated! Your website is often the very first place a potential customer goes to learn about your business and it is vital when creating leads and attracting customers.

Your Content is Outdated!

Keeping your website content fresh is a great way to build trust! If your website features outdated events, incorrect locations and blog posts that are old discussing outdated topics you’re in need of an update! Visitors would wonder if you’re still in business and pass your business by! Keeping your content fresh and regularly updating your blog posts will bring in traffic and ensure visitors continue to return! 

Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

You’ll struggle to find anyone on the streets in today’s society that does not have a smartphone in their back pocket! If your website is not mobile responsive you will likely frustrate potential customers and risk losing business overall! 

Your website is visually outdated. 

Trends are moving faster than ever before! What might have been a trendy website when first launched could be drab and outdated by today’s standards! Compare your current website to ones that you frequently visit and find visually appealing! Take note of what you like about them, and update your own website if you feel it does not match up! 

Your website takes too long to load.

If your website takes too long to load more often than not the user will simply move on as a loading time of over five seconds is perceived by many as too long to wait! Slow loading could be caused by a variety of factors! Underpowered hosting, large images or a poorly performing theme! 

Your SEO is poor

An outdated site ranks poorly on search engines and struggles to get in front of potential customers. Updating your website content is the perfect way to boost your search engine ranking and taking the time to add keywords ensures your content gets in front of the right audience! If you don’t have a blog yet now is the perfect time to add one to your website, be sure to regularly update it in order to drive traffic your way! 

At Rapid we are more than happy to help! We understand how vital it is to stand out from the crowd in an incredibly competitive marketplace. The truth is, your website is your shop window – in the store that is open 24/7. That’s why we help to bring your vision to life with aesthetically pleasing user-focused websites that guarantee return on investment. Our Web Design Agency in Belfast specialises in delivering accessible web design and branding to businesses across the world. We specialise in web design that delivers results. Get in touch with us today!