Digital Marketing in the Wake of COVID-19

10min Read 12th Aug 20 James Scullion

2020 2020 has been a year of change for every single one of us. The world shut down as of March, and only now are we seeing signs of the… Read More

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2020 has been a year of change for every single one of us. The world shut down as of March, and only now are we seeing signs of the Coronavirus’ grip loosening on us. Every business was hit, but some harder than others. We’re in freefall and there’s nothing exhilarating about this. What we do now will determine our business’ fate. We know this is nerve wracking. With a recession pending, it’s imperative that we tread carefully. But something that we must think about is Digital Marketing in the Wake of COVID-19.

Here’s a few pieces of advice we’d like to give you.

Don’t cut your digital marketing budget

Since COVID-19, Internet use has grown a stunning 70 percent with streaming up 12 percent. Do your utmost to speak to this highly engaged audience. They’ve never been so accessible! Spending habits have changed of course, but delivering digital advertisements straight to peoples’ devices in their home has never been so easy. 

Don’t take advantage

Marketing, by nature, is a form of manipulation. Don’t be exploitive. Everyone is experiencing the trauma of COVID-19 at different levels, so now is the time to make clients feel appreciated, secure and supported.

Keep an eye on trends

Watch how people are spending money (or not spending money). We have data from previous recessions, but the mess left in the wake of COVID-19 is something we have never dealt with before. In many ways, this is like a big social experiment. 

Try to see this as an opportunity

Throughout this crisis and now as we start to see the aftermath of it, we have become used to trying to protect ourselves. However, instead of responding to situations with fear, communicate to your teams that you’re making an effort to approach this with the spirit of innovation and hope. You’ll set a tone for creativity and curiosity — and you’ll find that ideas flow more freely. 

Separate yourself from other businesses

Create evergreen content that will still be relevant when this is over. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by offering insightful marketing solutions rather than panic and fear.

Ask yourself questions

  • What do you want to rank for a year from now?
  • How do you want to be positioned as a leader when people are coming out of the fog of a recession?
  • What have your core competencies always been?
  • What has always made you different from your competitors?

Using your keyword research to guide you, start working on content marketing assets like ebooks, guides, long-form blog posts, video series and email series that reflect the answers to these questions.

In short, keep on top of your digital marketing and try to search for solutions rather than dwelling on the problems. Establishing yourself as a positive and supportive company will help you short term and long term. 

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10mins 12th Aug 20 James Scullion