How a blog can benefit your digital strategy

4min Read 14th Jun 22 James Scullion

What is a blog anyway? A blog is a page on your website that is regularly updated. For business use, blogs can be used strategically to benefit your business in… Read More

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What is a blog anyway?

A blog is a page on your website that is regularly updated. For business use, blogs can be used strategically to benefit your business in many different ways. Content that can be created for your blog varies. This includes how-tos, behind-the-scenes information on your brand, and any business news. 

1. A blog helps SEO to drive traffic to your website

Your potential audience won’t find your website by chance, especially if they haven’t heard of you before. When you post blogs on your website, you can tailor these to specific topics that will resonate with your audience. These might be current issues, or further insights into your offering and how it benefits the customer. 

Essentially, SEO is how your potential audience finds your website. If you create content on your website that is trustworthy and authoritative. If you provide this new and exciting content and use the correct keywords that will spark the interest of your audience, your website will benefit from the blog as it will be ranked higher on search engine result pages such as Google. With a good SEO strategy, your audience will find your content without having to go looking for it themselves.  

2. Blogs improve the level of trust your audience has with your brand

The growth of digital marketing and social media has resulted in consumer scepticism. This means that consumers are becoming more wary of the content businesses are posting, and how ‘real’ it is. 

Blogging benefits your business as you can share more information than ever before. With this, you can show your audience what you have to offer in a new way, demonstrating your knowledge of the products and services you offer. A customer who perceives you to be a reputable, trustworthy provider is more likely to shop from your website. 

Gaining the trust of your audience is crucial for ensuring the readers of your blog take the action you wish. Luckily, blogs are an extremely trusted source of brand information. According to Evercoach, 81% of consumers trust blogs and their content.

3. Blogs help the traffic on your website convert

Blogs aren’t all about showing off your expert knowledge and getting everything down onto a page. They are a great source of lead generation – convincing your audience to make a purchase, use your service, or fill in a form. Whatever your goal is, blogging can generate results. Around 61% of consumers make purchases online based on blog recommendations.

To generate these leads, it’s as easy as including a specific call to action at the end of your blog. When customers make purchases, they go through a buying process of four stages (need, initial research, final research and purchase). You can strategise your blog to include content which attracts prospective customers at all stages of this process. Your blog will ultimately benefit your business as you can reach a range of customers at different times. That way, you can drive customers through to your website where they can research further, or make a final purchase. 

4. A blog can be paired with your social media for analytics and additional content

Although blogs can be very helpful for SEO, they can also be incorporated into your social media marketing strategy. By integrating the channels together, you can improve engagement on your blogs and develop the quality of your content. Often, social media is the place your audience will feel most comfortable voicing their opinions on your content. Using polls and comment sections is extremely useful to analyse your audience’s reaction to your blog posts and the topics you are discussing. With this, the content you include in your blog can create a string of social media content with the added analytical element! 

5. Blogs benefit your business for the long-term

HubSpot reported that a large majority (90%) of their blog’s leads came from older blogs. This shows that blogs are not a ‘post and forget’ channel in your digital strategy. Instead, you should continue to optimise and link back to previous blog posts for a longer period. Therefore, even if you are not posting blogs you can continue to feel the benefits from them in the future.  

It’s time to start seeing the benefits of your blog

It’s clear that your business will benefit with the addition of a blog into your digital strategy, but it’s not a quick fix. Reaping the benefits of blogging requires dedicated time and skill, and over time you will see many benefits. What are you waiting for?

If your business could benefit from a blog, but you aren’t sure where to begin, contact us! You can arrange a free consultation with Rapid Agency to find out how we can help you and your business’ blog today.

4mins 14th Jun 22 James Scullion