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At Rapid Agency, Belfast, our focus is on delivering business-changing results for ambitious clients, whilst sharing our knowledge amongst the wider industry through events and training. Internally our ambition is to attract, nurture and develop great talent in an environment that allows us to be the best we can be. 


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How To Write Persuasively

How To Write Persuasively

We all know why persuasive writing is important for social media. Everyone want high conversion rates. We want our readers to believe our brand is the best brand there is. We want a loyal following. But how? Persuasive writing is everywhere, but the writing process is...

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What COVID-19 Has Meant For Us Marketers

What COVID-19 Has Meant For Us Marketers

COVID-19 has impacted every single person. From the lockdowns, to the furlough schemes, to the masks, to the 2 metres apart, socially distanced garden parties, to the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. In this article though, let’s talk specifically about what COVID-19 has...

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Writing SEO-friendly blog posts

Writing SEO-friendly blog posts

Blog writing is a skillful practise. Some would call it an art. There is a technique and it must be mastered. Structure, tone of voice and length all must be taken into consideration. You can help your readers grasp the core meaning of a post by providing headings,...

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Digital Marketing Agency in Belfast

We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Belfast, providing cutting edge Digital Marketing to Businesses across all around Northern Ireland. We cater to the Media and Marketing needs of over 50 Businesses across Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality industries and beyond.


We conceptualise your initial ideas and goals into a strategically planned campaign, destined for success. Creating innovative and distinctive content using high quality imagery, videography, graphic and web design, aligning your brand aesthetic with business objectives to produce real results.

Struggling with sales? Let us ease the strain.


No nonsense results, delivered straight from the heart of Northern Ireland.


Our Belfast-based brainiacs have your sales sorted. Generating sales and converting customers is our thing. So we can deliver a sizeable return on your investment, every. Single. Time. So you can focus on the important stuff.


Sounds too good to be true? We know. But the results speak for themselves. Take a look…

Infrographic digital marketing agency belfast

Connecting our specialist knowledge of strategic marketing with effective social media content creation, we provide you with the tools to ensure your business succeeds in Northern Ireland’s competitive digital landscape.

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Rapid Marketing
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Ideation


A well contrived marketing strategy starts with an idea. We collaborate with Business Owners, Marketing and Sales Teams and customers to formulate the initial concept to market.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Strategy


We develop a digital marketing strategy detailing the type and form of content that should be produced and how it should be promoted. We begin creating and promoting content to the target audience and manage the process using a content calendar.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Social


We provide social media channel management to manage all of the content production and engagement across social media channels. We create native micro content for each social media channel. We work with businesses closely to develop micro content for their audience utilising customer research
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Analytics


We create a client dashboard and monthly report outlining progress and the project KPIs.


Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Rapid Media
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Photography


We know the importance of well produced imagery for Businesses. It is often said that we make purchases with our eyes. We deliver outstanding commercial imagery for a host of sectors including; Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, E-Commerce, Fashion and Retail and many more.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Video


Video is currently performing around seven times better on social media platforms than still image. We offer traditional promotional shoots as well as drone and feature length video to promote businesses all over Northern Ireland. We love collaborating and welcoming business owners into our creative storyboards as we begin the ideation and initial concepts for our video work.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Design


We are passionate about design and enjoy working closely with many local businesses in Northern Ireland, as the first point of contact for their brand identity design needs. This often includes creating and developing their branding, logo design, packaging, social media presence & websites– crafted to appeal to their ideal clientele.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Web Design


With the increase in customers building their own sites, this has become an area that is highly competitive and over populated. We offer a highly affordable, bespoke service for clients looking for an initial web presence as well as more elaborate e-commerce designs and custom built websites.


Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Rapid PR
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Consumer PR


Creative, accountable and straight talking, our PR services help businesses spread their wings whether it’s through the graft of a tireless press office or the glamour of award-winning stunts and campaigns.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Influencer Marketing


Want to make influencer relations pay without paying through the nose? Whether it’s instagrammers, bloggers or celebrities, get in touch to see how we can deliver fuss-free fame without forking out a fortune.
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast PR Launches


We’re different from many PR agencies because we don’t just talk the talk we also walk the walk. That means delivering massive results in terms of media coverage
Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Press


To give your press releases the maximum coverage in the media, we work with a number of trusted affiliates. For further information, please contact us via email.