How to get more visits on your Northern Irish website

5min Read 25th May 21 James Scullion

How to get more visits on your Northern Irish website So you already set up your online presence with a well designed website – your digital storefront – and a… Read More

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How to get more visits on your Northern Irish website

So you already set up your online presence with a well designed website – your digital storefront – and a comprehensive social media presence. You may think that’s the job done, but the truth is, this is just the starting point. The reason is simple; one of the biggest problems most people face is not how they set their online presence up, it is about how they actually drive traffic to their website

Every day we face a plethora of information while we are online, and for this reason, reaching potential customers interested in the services or the products you offer is getting harder and harder. 

To rise above the noise, there’s no cheat sheet to get faster results. You simply have to use a strategy that includes tried and tested methods to build trust in your brand and improve authority, both for the customers and search engines like Google. This cannot happen overnight, so the digital strategy you start today will provide you results in the future.

There are many ways for you to increase traffic to your Northern Irish website. It is important to understand these aspects to detect which could be the most efficient to get the best results. Let’s have a look on the most important.

How to get more visits on your Northern Irish website

1. Ads

One of the most obvious, but also one of the most effective ways to get more visits on your Northern Irish website, is digital advertising. You can’t get away from ads on the internet, whether you are navigating on a website, looking for something on Google, or even strengthening your thumb on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok with endless scrolling.

These should be seen as opportunities for your business to promote your website and increase website visits. Cookies deliver measurable and personalised advertising depending on the user’s previous searches and navigation. This leads to targeted suggestions, so your website will be displayed accordingly to the people who are interested in your business’ services and/or products.

2. Social Media

Having a well built website and producing high quality content is an important step but it is not enough, you should be proactive online to ensure the best results. Social media channels can be helpful to promote content and/or products on your website and increase the website traffic by getting more visits.

You have to keep in mind that every social media channel has its own rules. The same content could have great results on Facebook but not on LinkedIn, Instagram content should focus on eye-catching images or short videos, whilst on Twitter could be more helpful a short and snappy link. Every social media channel has its own prominent audience, with different tastes and habits, and this will definitely lend itself to shaping the content depending on which channel you are working on.

When you find the right social media formula for your business, you are sure to boost your website’s visits.

3. SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and it is the whole process of improving your website position and visibility for some searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Imagine you are seeking further information on a certain topic, it could be learning how to cook pizza, at home, for example. In the past you would have purchased a book, however, today all you have to do is search on Google “how to make pizza at home?”. With such a search, Google will provide you thousands and thousands of results, but we can bet you will click one of the first three results, possibly one with a video demonstration. Many people will behave in the same way, providing websites that have higher rankings, lots of visits and traffic for that specific Google search.

This is a concrete example of how SEO works. Every business has its own related searches, that are defined as ‘keywords’. If you sell musical instruments in Belfast you would like to be among the first results for searches including keywords such as “Music shop in Belfast”, or “Guitar Shop in Northern Ireland”.

There’s another aspect related to SEO, the results displayed on Google Maps. Imagine you are with friends and you decide to go for dinner together and you decide to go to a Chinese restaurant, the first thing you will probably do is search on your smartphone “Chinese restaurant near me”, or “Chinese restaurant in Belfast”. Google’s first results will be on maps (this frame is called Google Snack Pack, and shows the Google My Business accounts), and thanks to geo-localisation, the nearest to your location at that time will be the first result.

4. Blogging

Blogging is a valuable tool not only to improve traffic to your website, but also to improve trustiness to your brand. In general, while writing a blog you should aim to include as much useful information as you can, to provide the reader useful information related to the topics of your business and niche. You should be sure to provide quality content, as visitors will appreciate your articles, this can encourage your audience to share on their social media channels too.

Blogging could be helpful in other circumstances. Guest blogging on a reputable website of your niche is a powerful way to improve your website traffic, while helping to build a better branding. You must be sure to find a good and trustful blog, when you do so you can then link your website when you can provide useful content or even in your signature. If the content you provide is top-quality, people will naturally look more about the author and the content he/she provides.

Guest blogging is a two-way street. Not only can you post content to other blogs, but you can also invite experts and professionals of your niche to write on your own blog space of your website. They will naturally share the content on social media and link your post in their website (if they have one), which could lead to more visitors to your site. Again, be sure your blog provides top-quality and original articles – Google simply loves that, as well as this, your branding will greatly benefit from this!

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing may sound like an old-school digital marketing technique, but this doesn’t mean it should be underestimated. Email marketing can be a very powerful tool, if it is set up correctly and you provide useful information by email. The reason is simple, email is perceived as a more personal way to get in touch, especially if compared to social media.

Once you gathered a good number of emails, you could send emails to inform about discounts, or new products, or the latest great news related to your business

Just pay attention not to bombard people with tons of emails they could perceive as spam. None likes spam and it can be detrimental to your brand identity! 


There are many ways to increase visits to your Northern Irish website as highlighted above. Getting more visits will lead to an increase of conversions on your website. If built using a UX and UI oriented web design you can help your business grow in terms of both branding and website traffic. 

If you think your website needs to improve in this perspective, here at Rapid Agency we deliver our bespoke SEO, Digital Ads, Email Marketing and Blogging services that will help to improve visits for Northern Ireland websites. Get in touch with us, we are happy to help!

5mins 25th May 21 James Scullion