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Why Digital Marketing is Vital

Step into the future.

The world we live in is technology dependent. Could you imagine to living day-to-day without smartphones, the internet or working without computers? Us either. So how has this shift happened? Enter digital marketing. It has overtaken traditional channels and enables businesses not only to connect with clients around the world, but also communicating in real time, in the most affordable way – without having to fork out for costly print advertising.

But don’t be mistaken, we’re here to tell you that this is not just for the corporate giants or established businesses. Digital Marketing gives every business a platform, big or small. Harness the opportunity to connect with your leads and potential customers in the direct and transparent way. What are you waiting for?


Kickstart your sales with Digital Marketing

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Social Media Stats

The stats can’t be clearer. A strong, structured online presence is crucial for any business. An impressive online presence exposes you to a global marketplace of social media users, looking for a business just like yours. Businesses are all out there chasing the same goal – sales. The missing piece of your sales puzzle could be efficiently integrating a tenacious social media strategy. The potential of these channels is endless. To inspire and appeal to the needs of your audience and to find new clients, it’s time to get online.

It’s time to get online


You are open. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online is the storefront that never closes. It doesn’t need to be manned consistently, online is another member of your team working hard to meet the end goal.
Social media unlocks the full potential of digital marketing, online sales and your businesses success. But that’s only a part of a bigger picture.

A strong web presence is not just engaging social media pages, an eye-catching website or a captivating newsletter. The first step in this journey is the creation of a bespoke digital marketing strategy that works specifically for your business. That’s the first brick to build on.

Setting out your business objectives, means you can conceptualise a digital marketing strategy. This details the most effective way to manage your online presence to optimally reflect your brand identity, to welcome new customers to your business.

Rapid Agency

Digital Marketing in Belfast


Help us to help you.
Here at Rapid Agency in Belfast, our approach to digital marketing covers each fundamental part of the process from initial ideation right through to formulated reports and data, passing through ads, SEO, copywriting and the management of different platforms. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of providing an excellent service to each business.

We provide a range of digital marketing and content creation services which enable us to devise a well structured approach for our clients. We cater to the media and marketing needs of over 50 clients across Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality industries and beyond, all over Northern Ireland and the UK. Within Rapid Web Design our expert team will guide you from start to finish on your journey with us ensuring that our customer gets the maximum return on investment.


What we’re bringing to the table

Our Digital Marketing Services in Belfast

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Training

Email Marketing

Blog Writing

Website Copywriting

Building up a full online presence based on a strong branding process that reflects your business’ identity means working not only with social media and advertisements, but also on SEO, copywriting and imagery. Our aim is to provide you with the tips, tricks & tools of the trade to ensure your business succeeds in Northern Ireland’s competitive digital marketing landscape.

We start from your initial ideas and goals planning a complete digital marketing campaign, destined for success. Creating innovative and distinctive content using high quality imagery, videography, graphic and web design, we align your brand aesthetic with business objectives to produce real results.

Your business’ website and social media pages will start to climb search engine’s page results, due to our SEO copywriting focussed on the specific keywords related to your niche. But our copywriting is not only SEO-oriented. We strongly believe in finding a balance with engaging, user-friendly copy too. This means that our social media posts and blogs will be detailed but conceived for a good and easy reading.

You may not be a blogger at heart, but even if you aren’t keen on the idea of the blogger sphere, adding some interesting, informed and optimised blog content to your website gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and an extra edge on your competitors. Blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business and give them awareness about your brand.

When your digital marketing plan is complete, we won’t simply abandon you. So far, the team at Rapid Agency have dedicated over 100 hours of bespoke digital marketing training and social media consultations to businesses all over Northern Ireland. Our mission is to help all those businesses who want to get a better view on the process of digital marketing.

Contact us to discover how we can help your business to reach a new heights through our bespoke digital marketing services.

Softwares We Use

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MailChimp Digital Marketing Belfast Northern Ireland

Rapid Marketing Services

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Ideation


A well contrived marketing strategy starts with an idea. We collaborate with Business Owners, Marketing and Sales Teams and customers to formulate the initial concept to market.

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Strategy


We develop a digital marketing strategy detailing the type and form of content that should be produced and how it should be promoted. We begin creating and promoting content to the target audience and manage the process using a content calendar.

Rapid Agency Digital Marketing Belfast Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We provide social media channel management to manage all of the content production and engagement across social media channels. We create native micro content for each social media channel. We work with businesses closely to develop micro content for their audience utilising customer research.

Analytics & Report

We create a client dashboard and monthly report outlining progress and the project KPIs.