How to measure brand awareness

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In a crowded market place, it is harder than ever to make a lasting impression on consumers. This is why it is vital to pay careful attention to brand awareness.… Read More

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In a crowded market place, it is harder than ever to make a lasting impression on consumers.

This is why it is vital to pay careful attention to brand awareness.

Many people trying to elevate their business may ask themselves: ‘What is brand awareness?’ Put simply, brand awareness refers to how familiar consumers are with the qualities or image of a certain brand.

Creating brand awareness is crucial to retain customers as well as making it easier to to promote products and services.

By familiarising consumers with your brand, you will be able stand out from competitors and establish a recognisable presence.

With that in mind, it’s important to know how to create brand awareness.

Why tracking your brand awareness is important

Those who are familiar with the concept of brand awareness may wonder ‘Why is brand awareness important?’

If brands are recognised by consumers across the world, there is a higher likelihood a business will experience an upsurge in revenue through increased sales.

From a position of authority, it is also more likely to impact consumer behaviour and buying choices. That’s why engendering customer loyalty is important for companies that want to enjoy long-term success.

Because brand awareness encourages consumers to repeat purchases, they are more likely to stick with the same supplier.

This can cement a brand’s identity and reputation, which helps to achieve a competitive advantage.

Brand awareness also helps companies to meet their objectives and targets, all of which is needed for growth.

If consumers recognise a brand, they are also more likely to give feedback on its products and services.

This can be vital for informing future campaigns and brand strategies which can strengthen relationships with consumers.

What are the KPIs for measuring brand awareness?

KPIs, or key performance indicators, allow businesses to make better decisions by evaluating the extent of its success.

A brand awareness KPI can be used to measure brand awareness, and examples include social media engagement metrics, website traffic, customer surveys, Google Trends data and backlink success.

Social media has become an incredibly important tool in brand awareness marketing. As technology is developing at a rapid rate, companies are spending money on campaigns hosted by platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram.

Not only does this help people become more aware of a brand, but it also encourages open discussions around it.

Businesses can use targeted ads on platforms like Facebook to focus on different age groups, and can collect data on an ad’s performance to determine how successful a campaign has been.


How to measure brand awareness

There are numerous ways of measuring brand awareness, including running regular brand awareness surveys.

In terms of how to measure brand awareness with surveys, you can choose a target group you want to appeal to and ask its members to give feedback.

To assess brand awareness, it is best to use online surveys to consumers as opposed to canvassing existing customers.

The results should reveal how your brand is being received, permitting you to identify trends.


Other ways to measure brand awareness include:


  • Taking an accurate account of your social media following
  • Analysing Google Trends data
  • Relying on brand tracking software
  • Assessing where your brand has been mentioned
  • Using analysis tools
  • Analysing your performance with earned media
  • Looking at your referral traffic stats
  • Monitoring the performance of your content

Want to boost your brand’s awareness?

Having a clear and consistent strategy is crucial for creating brand awareness but it doesn’t have to be done alone.

Whether you are starting from scratch when trying to create brand awareness, or you want enhance recognition for your existing brand, Rapid Agency can help.

If you want to build a recognisable brand, then prioritise reaching out to our team of creatives and strategists.

5mins 16th Nov 23 James Scullion