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As you know, social media has become a huge part of our everyday lives here in Northern Ireland. We centre our lives around our phones and depend on them for… Read More

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Social Media Presence? Call to action? If you’re confused by this social media jargon, we’re here to help you.


As you know, social media has become a huge part of our everyday lives here in Northern Ireland. We want to show you how including or improving a simple “call to action” is key for your businesses success.

We centre our lives around our phones and depend on them for almost anything we need. With over 3 Billion active social media users worldwide to date, it is clear that small businesses nowadays can’t simply open a shop without any social media or digital presence, expecting an endless queue of customers out their door. It just doesn’t work like that.

Businesses today can reach out in numerous platforms but finding the right one for your business is important. If you’re trying to sell vintage clothing, having a Twitter account tweeting about new stock coming in and sharing about new brands in your shop is not what many businesses owners would think of using. Many businesses don’t realise that even platforms like Pinterest are vital ways to reach out to customers. Pinterest isn’t technically considered a social media platform however it is a search engine platform.

Overnight, I received over 200 views just on that one post.

Sharing pictures of your products and linking them to your website can drive in more traffic than you would think. I created blog post all about starting up embroidery as a hobby, posting it on Instagram got me little to no viewers, however, I decided to post it on Pinterest. Overnight, I received over 200 views just on that one post. Some platforms may not work for some, but researching a little into your competitor’s business (friendly competition, of course) and finding out their presence on social media is a good start.

Having a social media presence for your business not only allows you to find new customers, but it also enables you to reach out to people via advertising or simply engaging with them for free. This ongoing engagement will turn regular social media scrollers into paying customers.

Now, it goes without saying that if you’re just posting a picture every day without any caption or context, that is considered an ongoing presence but it won’t get you very far. I found that if you speak in a natural way on social media, people will relate and want to know about your business more.

For example, stating that

“Sale 50% off all items this weekend in shop, buy now”

doesn’t sound nearly as good as,

Hello and happy Friday! To treat you this weekend, we are offering 50% off all our items in our shop! What a bargain! Pick up a gift for yourself or show the love and give to someone else.”

Can you see the difference? Having a social media presence is well and good but if you’re making yourself come across as a corporate robot, customers or clients will not want to go to your shop.

The impact of a Call to Action

A call to action or CTA for short. This is an essential technique for businesses, if you want to change the average scroller to a paying client or customer.

A call to action is literally what it sounds like. You create a blog post or post on social media, write your caption and then at the end, write to the audience and ask them a question or ask them to complete an action.

This can be anything from, ‘What do you think about this? Do you agree?’ on your point of view on a topic or ‘Why not check out my shop for more!’ this will prompt people to engage.

I hope that this can be somewhat useful for new businesses starting up on social media. It may seem daunting at first with all the possibilities out there. If you take it one step at a time and slowly build (remember, these things don’t magically increase overnight) your little audience and network, the pay-off will be worth it.

This blog was written by Sophianne Durand, she will be sharing more about her experience with social media and digital marketing over on her blog, you can find her at or @astrollwithsoph on Instagram.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts! Why not send us a message on Instagram or connect with us via our Website.





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