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Instagram trends are constantly changing. We’ve seen new additions like Instagram stories and TV come along and change the game entirely. At Rapid Marketing, we think if you’ve got your… Read More

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Instagram trends are constantly changing. We’ve seen new additions like Instagram stories and TV come along and change the game entirely. At Rapid Marketing, we think if you’ve got your mind on any social media platform, the real rising star here is going to be Instagram. In this blog we take a look at some of the Instagram trends 2019 that are only getting bigger.

Story central

Instagram Stories have taken over, with more than 500 million viewers every day. They’re quick, simple and a lot less formal than a post somehow? It moves away from the highly edited and polished content that influencers upload to their feed for a more raw, real insider look into someone’s life with music, sound and talking directly to the camera.

Changes with the algorithm has seen the majority of users see the Instagram feed as a place to find information and discover brands. This on the other hand means that singular users find it more difficult strike engagement with their content. Possibly the reason to Instagram are hiding likes as people feel intimidated?!

Ah, the Explore page

You’ll probably find yourself on the explore page if you’re a little bored, perhaps? Inquisitive for new products, people to follow etc. You’re certainly not alone, as over 200 million avid instagrammers check out the explore page per day. This is great because it separates interests and can be exclusively tailored to what you’re specification is.

Sticking Power

Horrible pun, I apologise. Stickers have become super popular on Instagram Stories, some businesses reported they were ineffective, but that’s all changing with branded stickers on the rise – the perfect marketing tool.

Now we’re getting into the real nitty gritty: Questions, poll, countdown, and emoji-slider stickers. These are perfect as they don’t just mean more engagement, but they are way more interactive and give people a reason to watch. Mostly, the polling sticker increases video views which means positive things for Instagram stories moving forward.

Shop til you drop!

With more than 70% of shopping enthusiasts using Instagram to explore brands, it’s fast becoming a market place to shop the latest and greatest trends. You can now shop tagged products in posts with a shopping feed now in the explore tab too.

If you have a peak at an influencers comments it’ll probably be full of comments like: Where’d you get that? Where is this from? Now influencers can tag as they like and will be purchased through a checkout. Instagram are testing a direct buying option is the logical next step with big brands like Nike and Burberry. Whilst there will be a fee for merchants, consumers won’t feel the effects at all.

Real and Raw

People aren’t so interested in looking polished and perfect. Celebrity influencers have waged a war on airbrushing, photoshopping, filtering, body shaming, and non-inclusive creative. Expect to see more open chats about mental health and body insecurities

Users are looking for authenticity from their influencers, too. Out of that has come a new breed of influencer: the relatable influencer. Be it the realities of anxiety or PTSD, you can find people really ready to share it all online and connect with their audience rather than airbrushes pictures .

Lights, IGTV, Action!

IGTV will probably see the most changes, since many think the channel is due for a revamp which will mimic that of TikTok. Instagram’s recent update of IGTV looks suspiciously like TikTok with changes to scrolling and viewing. They also offer a different space for content creation, which will always win over peoples hearts and minds. Brands have been relatively slow on the uptake of IGTV, but with new 1 minute previews on your feeds this has really helped the visibility.

Social Activists – Unite!

Elections or peaceful protests – you’ll be able to see them all on Instagram. It gives social activists to give visual representation and legitimacy to their campaigns, which can gain massive traction to amplify their message. Brands are now no longer staying silent, but supporting climate change and women’s rights campaigns alike.

I Am Not A Robot

Facebook and Twitter have been under mass scrutiny for their role in influential events and security breaches, with Instagram not escaping lightly either. However, Instagram is set to put their foot down against this misuse. Another move that Instagram are making (and a great one it is!) is the purge on Instagram bots who sell likes and follows to accounts. Hopefully this could signal the end of fake engagements and following across the platform.


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