The Benefits of Video Marketing

4min Read 18th Jul 22 James Scullion

What exactly is video marketing? Video marketing is quite simply the process of using videos to promote your business. You can promote the story behind your brand, products and services… Read More

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What exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing is quite simply the process of using videos to promote your business. You can promote the story behind your brand, products and services on a variety of platforms. 

Video marketing is becoming one of the most widely-used tactics in digital marketing strategies, with around 96% of marketers choosing to implement video marketing in their strategy. 89% of marketers also plan on creating video content for YouTube. Whilst YouTube is the most popular video marketing platform, social media channels are gaining popularity when it comes to video. Social media channels such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Instagram Reels and TikTok are becoming popular.

How can video marketing help my business?

1. Video marketing creates the opportunity for customers to develop a close connection with your brand

Due to the nature of video content, you can be more explicit and open about your brand. By appearing open and honest, you enhance your brand’s reputation. This makes you appear more reliable and trustworthy. The importance of trustworthiness in your brand is underestimated. When your customers trust you to give a reliable service, you are empowering them to give you honest feedback. 

In addition, customers who trust that they can come back to you over again for reliable service. Returning customers are the most profitable for your business. According to, returning customers spend over 60% more than new customers. Make sure you nurture your loyal customer relationships! 

2. There is a wide variety of video content that you can create

Each customer has different interests than others. Luckily, the scope of video marketing is wide. There is a huge variety of content you can create, including: 

  • Tutorials, how-to videos 
  • Livestream, Q&A videos 
  • Behind-the-scenes company videos 
  • Short, explanatory videos about your product or service 
  • Testimonials and reviews

Whether you are appealing to several different customer personas, or even just one, there is a type of video content that will appeal to your customers.

3. Video marketing benefits SEO

The existence of videos in their own entity doesn’t improve your search engine rankings. However, according to the Search Engine Journal, YouTube has become the second-biggest search engine after Google. Optimised video content is extremely attractive to consumers. On the other hand, consumers don’t like to actively be advertised to. This means video marketers need to be careful not to include too many call-to-actions in their content.

Unfortunately, the secrets behind Google’s algorithms and how they rank websites are not explicit. However, websites that optimise video content rank higher on search engine results pages. Also, when your website listing on search engines includes a thumbnail of your video content, customers are more likely to click on your website.

4. Videos increase the time customers spend on your site

Naturally, videos encourage customers to spend more time on your website. Essentially, watching videos requires more time than scrolling through images or listings. It is important to maximise the amount of time your customers spend on your website. This ensures your customers reach their search intent, and feel satisfied with the content they have been exposed to. 

By simply existing on the internet, you can accrue dwell time. The analysis of your website’s dwell time helps you understand what aspects of your website are working and which aren’t. Whether it’s an issue with UX or with your content and its execution, analysing your dwell time is beneficial. Adding video content to your website will increase dwell time, and encourage your customers to stay and shop for longer. 

5. Video content doesn’t have to be difficult to execute

With Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, it has become easier than ever to create quality videos on a budget. Over half (51%) of marketers chose to introduce video marketing into their strategy in 2020 as it has become easier to create videos in-house. You don’t have to use fancy, professional video equipment to create quality content. Instead, you can simply unlock your phone and get started! 

6. Video marketing encourages sales and conversions

The simple explanation from everything we have discussed above is that ultimately, yes, video marketing can increase your sales. However, there are many reasons for this. It’s all in the execution of your video marketing tactics and how you approach your customers. 

When you optimise your video content, there are many benefits to help drive customers to shop with your business. Firstly, customers easily find you if your video content is optimised to benefit SEO. Once they have reached your website, then, your customers will spend more time on your website and feel closer to your brand. With a stronger brand-customer relationship, you will reap the benefits of video marketing.

Video marketing is inevitable for businesses

It is ultimately inevitable that brands will have to implement video marketing into their digital strategies soon. What are you waiting for? 

Our expert team at Rapid Agency are equipped with the knowledge of video marketing you need. With our experience with a wide range of platforms, we can help you find the right video marketing solution for your business and your customers. 

For more information or advice on video marketing, contact us! We are on-hand and happy to help you with any queries.

4mins 18th Jul 22 James Scullion