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Your website has been created, it is up and running, and you are directing your customers to it. All that’s left to consider is how you measure the activity coming to your website using Google Analytics. 

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What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is the web analytics service offered by Google. It tracks, assesses and reports on the traffic and performance of your website at no additional cost. 


This allows you to access an extensive range of information on how users interact with your site. Google Analytics identifies what pages they view most, how long they hand around, and how they move around the site. It also provides a wide range of metrics and reports, helping you understand the traffic to your website and the behaviour of your users. 

What can Google Analytics tell me about my website?


Google Analytics – User Acquisition Report


Using Google Analytics, we will gain great insights into the User Acquisition of your website. This tool will provide information on how new users find your website for the first time. It will compare new users to those who are returning to your website for a second, third or fourth time. 



This report also entails the Traffic Acquisition of your website users. Specifically, what channels are driving traffic to your website? These channels, such as organic social, organic search, referrals, paid search and email, will identify where your website visitors are coming from. The Traffic Acquisition tool on Google Analytics is a great way to highlight those areas of marketing that require TLC or should be directing users to your website more. 

The User Acquisition Report will also inform you of your real-time website visitors. With information available on how many users have visited your website in real-time and where are located, you will gain invaluable insights. For example, you will find out how your communications are performing and where they perform best. 

After identifying how many visitors your website is receiving and where they come from, you will be able to analyse the bounce rate, time spent, and pages per session. At this point, any issues with your website’s user experience will be clear. This allows you to make improvements to increase engagement and use retention. 

In addition to their location, the User Acquisition Report also provides you with demographic information about your audience. This includes their age, gender and interests. You will therefore be able to allow you to tailor your content and marketing messages more effectively. They will be directed towards a specific customer.

Conversion Reporting

Using Google Analytics, you will be able to track how well your website is performing in terms of achieving your business goals and objectives. 

The tools available will help you to track the conversions on your website, including form submissions and e-commerce transactions. Conversion Rate tools will measure the percentage of your website visitors who take a specific action on your website. The Conversion Rate allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement on your website’s design, content and marketing to increase conversions. 

If you are operating an e-commerce website, Google Analytics will track the amount of revenue generated from your website. You can then identify the products or services that are the most profitable and popular. As well as this, you will discover which marketing channels are driving the most revenue – and which you should be putting more effort into. 

Google Analytics will also provide invaluable insights into the average spend and basket size of your customers. At this point, you can begin to identify upselling opportunities for your business. For example, bundling products together and offering free delivery for orders over a particular spend. 

In regards to conversions and e-commerce, you can also learn about customer funnels. With this analysis, you will gain knowledge of exit and entry points, time spent on each step in the funnel and customer segmentation. 

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User-friendly reporting from the website experts in Belfast


At Rapid Agency in Belfast, we have a great team of website and marketing experts who can help you get the most out of your Google Analytics. 



We will compile a monthly report of your Google Analytics, giving you all the key information required to improve your knowledge of your website and how visitors are using it. 

Keywords and data can be confusing. Therefore, we will break down the key facts, delivering them to you in a way that is easy to understand. We will also offer solutions to help you digest the data and improve your marketing activities accordingly. 

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