Photography is the art of capturing images and processing them, making any edits where necessary to ensure your business or brand is portrayed professionally. 

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Here at Rapid Agency in Belfast, we know the importance of good content marketing for branding your business. Photography and imagery are a great way to represent your brand identity visually – this starts with photography. 

Firstly, let’s talk about what photography involves


Commercial photography is used for a range of business needs across Belfast. Using photography, you can capture a range of wonderful visuals of your business, including product, physical store and staff members. The possibilities that come with using photography for your Belfast business are truly endless. 

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Ice cream photography for Muine Glas by Rapid Agency
Interior of the reception at Tullyglass Hotel in Ballymena photographed by Rapid Agency

Where can I use photography in my business?


The possibilities of where you can implement elements of photography into your business are endless.

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  • Physical Store: You can generate prints and posters to use throughout your physical store to promote your business and any products or services you offer. These can be paired with written communications such as promotions to generate more sales. Pairing these communications with high-quality imagery of your business will create a very professional perception of your business.
  • Website: Using commercial photography and visual content can be used across your website for many purposes. First of all, it is a great way to make your website more visually appealing. Within your website you can also showcase your work/products/services and evoke emotions in your website visitors to encourage them to make purchases and conversions.
  • Marketing: High-quality photography can bring your marketing communications to the next level and get users more engaged with them visually. Whether you are using email or social media, a professional set of images can take your marketing to the next level and showcase what your business is really about. 
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A mini Harland & Wolf product by Born & Bred in front of the Titanic Hotel and Harland & Wolf cranes
The mall of the Boulevard Shopping Centre in Banbridge with outdoor seating, greenery, with Guess and Jack & Jones

Using professional, high-quality photography is an extremely important aspect of business. For many reasons. 

Stand out from the crowd


It’s no secret that business can be cutthroat, so it is vital to gain a competitive advantage where you can for your Belfast business. Luckily, there is no limitations to the kind of imagery you can create – get as creative as you like to make your business unforgettable! 


Better SEO rankings


Results have shown that websites with high-quality photography through receive 90% more views than those without. With a higher ranking on search engines, your website and pages will become much more accessible for potential customers. 


Improved brand awareness


When customers make purchase decisions, they go through a personal  ‘screening process’ to determine whether they should buy a product or avail of a service. Without strong levels of brand awareness, your customers won’t consider your brand when they are making a choice – take your well-deserved place in the minds of your customers. 


Photography influences brand perceptions


Using poor quality or stock imagery can be detrimental to your brand and campaigns or public posts you put out. Brand perception is extremely important, affecting how your customers think, feel and experience your brand day-to-day. With a more positive brand perception, your customers will put more trust into your business and choose to shop with you. 


Storytelling powers


Ultimately, using stock imagery that is not related to your business will not tell the story of your brand. Using strong photography, you can tell a story about your brand and give cusomters an insight into what you are about. Nowadays, customers search for authenticity and creating your own imagery makes your business appear much more trustworthy. 

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A victoria sponge cake on a wooden serving plate photographed by Rapid Agency for Dougies Goodies
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Many businesses get in touch with our in-house digital strategy team because they are struggling with a range of areas, including:

  • A lack of resources to produce professional content 
  • Creating high-quality content that outperforms competitors
  • Knowing what they should be photographing to promote 
  • Understanding the relationship between high-quality content and ROI 


How can Rapid Agency assist with your photography needs?


At Rapid Agency, our in-house team of creatives are forward thinking and strive to think outside the box. We work hard to produce unique content that aligns with your business goals and your customers. 

Working alongside some of Northern Ireland’s finest content creators and photographers, we capture the true story of your brand with engaging photography and imagery. We cover an extensive variety of subject matter, while tailoring adapting to your chosen platform, such as OOH advertising, website or print photography.

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