Nova Jones 

Nova Jones is an intergalactic pop superstar and the show follows her journey to stardom. 

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At Rapid Agency, we have had the exciting opportunity to work with Jam Media on the marketing for the BBC’s new hit show, Nova Jones. Nova Jones is an intergalactic pop superstar and the show follows her journey to stardom across the stars, with actress Molly Rainford playing the role. Filmed on Northern Irish soil, the show presented a fitting opportunity for Rapid to work with.

Nova Jones can be viewed on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. Additionally, fans of the show can listen to Nova Jones’ top hits on Spotify and watch clips of the show across Nova Jones’  social media channels – Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

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Where did Rapid come in?


During the release of season 1 and filming of seasons 2 and 3, Jam Media approached Rapid Agency to help increase awareness of the show. Our team visited the set in Northern Ireland and met some of the actors on the show to gain a deeper understanding of the content and target audience.

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What did Rapid do?


Our strategy was to create trending content on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok that resonated with the target audience of 8-13 year olds, while also considering the possibility that some of these viewers may not have access to social media. We aimed to create content that both parents and children could interact with and enjoy.

We collaborated frequently with the CBBC and Molly’s management to create a cohesive social media strategy. One example of our work was the ’12 Days of Nova’ Christmas campaign, which showcased Nova’s larger-than-life personality and helped generate engagement on the account during the festive season.

Molly Rainford’s appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in 2022 presented a unique challenge for us, as we wanted to feature the content on the Nova Jones account while also keeping a separation between Molly and her character. We found a balance between showcasing Molly’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ content while keeping the focus on Nova Jones.

Our services have helped market Nova Jones across social media platforms in a fun and playful way through reels, static graphics, and showing clips from the show and behind the scenes.

A recent episode of Nova Jones featured a special guest appearance by Rosie McClelland, which led to exciting duets between Rosie and Molly Rainford. At Rapid, we recognised the potential of this collaboration and created a series of clips to build hype around the episode and attract viewers.

Our team worked closely with the producers of the show to identify the most compelling moments from the episode and create clips that highlighted the duets between Rosie and Molly. We used social media platforms- Instagram and TikTok to distribute these clips and build excitement around the episode.

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Reaching Campaign Goals


The goal of this campaign was to attract new viewers to the show and increase engagement with existing fans. By showcasing the talented duets between Rosie and Molly, we were able to generate buzz and excitement around the episode, which resulted in increased viewership and engagement.

BBC Nova Jones

At Rapid, we have had the privilege of working with the BBC on the Nova Jones account, generating significant engagement on social media. Our successful marketing efforts have helped to build the show’s viewership and increase its overall popularity.

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