Ulster University

Our Census Campaign

Ulster University’s ‘Our Census’ campaign provides young people in Northern Ireland with a breakdown of the online Census form and asks them to write up questions or issues arising from it.

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Project Overview


Our team at Rapid Agency were faced with the challenge of developing a suite of visual assets for Ulster University’s ‘Our Census’ campaign, and educate them in how they might use the Census data in the day-to-day. 

The project included a website design for Our Census, along with a motion graphic video. Overall, we aimed to create highly engaging and bold visual assets to effectively reach and connect with the target audience.

Campaign Objectives

The key objectives of Ulster University’s ‘Our Census’ campaign were: 

  • Educate: Provide young people with a comprehensive understanding of the online Census and its significance 
  • Engage: Create visually appealing assets to capture the attention and interest of young people in Northern Ireland 
  • Empower: Encourage young people to utilise the Census data to make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives. 
  • Inform: Communicate the importance of accurate data collection for policy-making and resource allocation
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Website Design


We crafted a highly engaging and interactive website, featuring intuitive navigation, compelling visuals and concise, informative content. The ‘Our Census’ website was design for accessibility and optimised across various devices. This was key to ensure a seamless user experience. 

The web design played a pivotal role in the ‘Our Census’ campaign. The website was used to engage the target audience and provide them with a comprehensive understand of the Census. 

A streamlined navigation ensured users could easily access the desired information without any confusion. As well as this, we understood the importance of capturing the younger demographic’s attention. The use of bold colours and eye-catching graphics was key here to craft an immersive and memorable user experience. 

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Graphic Design


Our in-house design team created a range of digital assets, including motion graphics and interactive elements. This allowed users to disseminate information and encouraged sharing among the target audience. Due to the young, digitally-native audience, we knew that sharing across social media was key to the campaign’s success.

Motion Graphics


We developed a motion graphic video for Ulster University. This allowed us to harness the power of storytelling for the ‘Our Census’ campaign. 

The video served as a dynamic and engaging medium to convey the importance of the Census and its impact on the lives of young people in Northern Ireland.

With seamlessly blended visuals, animated elements and concise messaging, we delivered a powerful narrative on the Census. These were carefully crafted to resonate with the younger demographic, ensuring that the video captured their imagination appropriately.

Moreover, the motion graphic video incorporated a compelling narrative arc, taking the viewers on a journey that highlighted the value of accurate and comprehensive data. With this, we fostered a sense of empowerment among the viewers, inspiring them to recognise their role in contributing to accurate data collection.

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The Results


The ‘Our Census’ campaign for Ulster University achieved remarkable results in its objective of educating and engaging young people about the online Census and the significance of utilising its data. 

Through our comprehensive suite of assets, including the website design, impactful motion graphics, the campaign effectively captured the attention and interest of the target audience. 

The campaign’s success was evident in the increased awareness among young people about the Northern Ireland Census, as well as their enhanced understanding of how the Census data can inform their decisions. Not only did the campaign empower young people in Northern Ireland, but it also underscored the importance of accurate data collection for policy-making and resource allocation in communities. 

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