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5min Read 16th Jul 19 James Scullion

Somehow, it’s now July and we’re sat wondering where on earth the first half of 2019 has gone! It seems like no time at all since it was New Year’s… Read More

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Somehow, it’s now July and we’re sat wondering where on earth the first half of 2019 has gone! It seems like no time at all since it was New Year’s Eve and we were all super excited and hopeful for the year ahead. This blog will entail a quick recap of the year for us and how 2019 has changed the game for Rapid Marketing.

For us, it’s been a super busy year so far. Our clientele has expanded and so too have our team and our services. We’re passionate about working with businesses in Northern Ireland, big and small. It’s been fantastic to meet so many new people in our new premises at the Catalyst Fintech Hub, which is within Danske Bank, so we have a pretty amazing view just opposite City Hall.

To write in detail about all the things we’ve been up to would take quite a while and probably not make for the best blog post either. Here’s a quick overview and some highlights of our work throughout 2019 so far…

We’re lucky enough to have offered over 100 hrs 1-1 mentoring and consultancy for multiple different platforms to a whole host of different businesses. May it be Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, we’ve had the pleasure of teaching you all the tricks of the trade.

Rapid Media is a sector of our business which focuses on content creation from photography and videography to web and graphic design. We believe that every business can truly benefit from video content even if it’s only 30 seconds long! We’ve created video content for over 20 businesses throughout Northern Ireland in the first half of 2019 so far, with so many more in the pipeline. If you’re considering video content for your business, we thoroughly recommend you take the plunge, it will benefit you tenfold!

Check this one out below… we’re proud of it! Just imagine what we could do for your business!

Videography isn’t where it ends for us as we’ve had photoshoots with a whole host of businesses from interior designers and boutique cafés to Crossfit gyms! Creating imagery and content for these businesses to use for both online and offline marketing campaigns has been an absolute pleasure and can only mean prosperity moving forward.

Our clients have expanded to some of the biggest names in the banking world, to award winning spas, talented architects and lawyers alongside super chic Belfast restaurants. We currently provide consistent and creative social media content for businesses in construction to fashion – our scope is wide and we’re up for any challenge!

Apart from that, there has been 14 websites, over 60 blog posts, press releases and public relations pieces. We’re as tired reading that as you are.

All in all, we’re incredibly excited for everything that’s yet to come in 2019. We have some incredible prospects in the pipeline that will continue to push the boundaries of what we have to offer for our clients. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come…

Stay up to date with us on our socials or you can view some of our previous work through our website!


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5mins 16th Jul 19 James Scullion