Grow your social media in Northern Ireland

6min Read 18th Feb 20 James Scullion

Grow your social media in Northern Ireland In the Belfast office’s of Rapid Agency, social media strategy and content creation in Northern Ireland is our bread and butter. We eat… Read More

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Grow your social media in Northern Ireland

In the Belfast office’s of Rapid Agency, social media strategy and content creation in Northern Ireland is our bread and butter. We eat Twitter for breakfast, Instagram as a main course and Snapchat for dessert. We use local knowledge of the Northern Ireland audience to develop content strategies and social media plans which grow an audience into Northern Ireland and beyond.

So how do we build a following for our clients and reach more people in a meaningful way? There’s 2 ways.

  1. The easy way
  2. The hard way

The easy way

Some social media strategies in Northern Ireland can pay for likes. The pros of this strategy – you look great having thousands of followers. The cons – you’re talking to a room full of robots and they don’t really care about you.

If you want to speak to non-robots and build a social media strategy in Northern Ireland through useful content there’s only one way – the hard way. But it’s only hard if you don’t know how.

At Rapid, we know how. We do it everyday, sometimes twice a day and again before bed-time. We’re good at it. Let’s chat sometime.


How we build followings

Set a goal, a destination and build it out from there. Make sure it’s SMART.


Get Social 

Work with us to craft a social media strategy for your audience in Northern Ireland – we love helping small and large businesses with their digital marketing in Northern Ireland and beyond. Some of the things we’d help you with include:

• Being on the right platform. Don’t pour your heart and soul into Linkdin, if your audience is on Tik Tok. What is Tik Tok? We’ve written about it here.

• Who are your audiences for that matter? What brands do they love? Who do they follow? What are the challenges they face? Really dive into their personas.

• Who are your competitors? What are they reading? What channels do they use and who is following them?


When we have the ground work of analysis laid down we can start working on a content strategy.  A social media business without a content strategy is like a car without a steering wheel. It’s great and all but no-one knows where or how it’s going to go.

A content strategy underpins all our work for clients in Northern Ireland. We recommend reading Content Machine by Dan Norris. Dan’s even given us a great template for creating your own content strategy at this link.

[box type=”bio”] A tip for deciding what content to post is the 70-20-10 rule. The content you are sharing should be building your brand 70 per cent of the time, sharing content your audience cares about 20 per cent of the time, and selling your business 10 per cent of the time.[/box]

Create a content calendar

Think long and hard about promotions you can run at specific times in the year that suit your audience. Look at what you posted last year, see what got traction and improve on it this year.


Make sure your content isn’t published mindlessly; just shared for the sake of looking active. Find out when your audience likes to use their social media channel of choice. Is it lunchtime, on their way to work or before they go to bed? We’ve written a separate piece about the importance of social media scheduling here.

We use a scheduler to post at times that work for our audiences. Which scheduler is best? Our thoughts on that are here. 

These are some of the items we look at when we’re growing an audience and building more meaningful engagement for the brands we work with.


If you want to talk to us about how we can help you. Drop us a line. We’d love to chat digital marketing. It’s all we do.

Written by Rory Broughal

Rapid Agency – Digital Marketing in Belfast

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6mins 18th Feb 20 James Scullion